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Elley-Jane, better known online as ejsafc, was an English YouTuber who collaborated with SamSmellsOfApricots, now known as JackSucksAtLife. The ej was Elley's initials, while the safc part is because Elley supported the Sunderland Association Football Club. Jack and Elley don't speak to each other anymore as of 2020.


She uploaded her first video "DON'T MESS WITH GIRLS! (Sketch)"[1] on August 25, 2011, just 8 days after the channel's creation, which she also collaborated with Rebecca Hall (alongside Jack).

She uploaded "Banana Warfare"[2] on December 18, 2011. Although Jack and Elley don't talk to each other anymore, Jack mentioned in a recent video that he will make 'Banana Warfare 2' if the ejsafc channel hit 100,000 subscribers.

On January 21, 2020, JackSucksAtLife logged into this channel and made a video about it.[3] During that video, Jack claimed that he owned 90% of the Ejsafc channel.


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