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Julio César Millan Zerpa (born January 12, 2004 (2004-01-12) [age 16]), better known online as ElPran68, is a Venezuelan YouTuber.


Julio was born on January 12, 2004, in Anaco, Venezuela, living there until October 6, 2017, which on that day he moved to Maturin, Venezuela. He started his channel when he was still living in Anaco, he was one day playing the video game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and that's when he decided to create a channel where he was going to upload the missions of that game, but discarded that idea, and Little by little it was varying with other games. Sometime later, he not only uploaded gameplays, but he also started making type videos: reactions, talking about him, and vlogs.


He mainly uploaded gameplays, but over time he wanted to vary more content for his followers and started uploading video blogs, but above all, he would continue with the gameplays and never stop doing them. The most uploaded game is Happy Wheels and SAMP where most of the time he plays with his friend AlexGamerT.T, but in the last uploaded SAMP video, he played with his brother "Fabritzio Zerpa". It also varies with other games such as Geometry Dash, Half-Life, Who Wants to be Millionaire and formerly uploaded GMOD. He also started to do Challenges with his friend Alex and other videos with another friend of his called Miedlies. He would also make challenges. He made challenges like The Challenge of Spicy Potatoes, or a parody of the Bottle Flip Challenge, which he called "Borocanfor Challenge". Later he would take a video in 2018 visiting his hometown, Anaco.

Channel closing (and return)

On June 11, 2019, his channel was closed for unknown reasons, he said it was due to copyright. The next day his channel was returned without problems.


  • His favorite YouTuber is Diepiify.
  • He has a secondary channel named "3lPran68".
  • His favorite sport is soccer and he has played it since he was 9 years old.
    • In fact, his favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo.
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