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Mat Brunet (born: October 5, 1992 (1992-10-05) [age 27]), better known online as ElectricDragon505, or AniMat, is a YouTube reviewer where he mainly does reviews related to animated media.


Animation Lookback

Animation Lookback is a documentary-style show where AniMat gives interesting and note-worthy facts about animated movies by a certain studio, as well as that studio's history. This is AniMat's longest-running show.

AniMat's Reviews

AniMat's Reviews is where AniMat reviews recent animated movies and gives them a rating out of 10 based on his personal experience. This is AniMat's most well-known show.

AniMat's Classic Reviews

AniMat's Classic Reviews is where AniMat reviews movies released prior to 2010.

Specials Reviews

Special Reviews are where instead of animated films, AniMat reviews live-action movies and animated TV shows in which both the Classic Reviews and the specials, also includes them in the released prior in 2010.

The Epic Mickey Files

The Epic Mickey Files is where AniMat discusses the history of certain characters that make appearances in the Epic Mickey series of video games, then their role in the game.

Top 10 series

AniMat's Top 10 videos is where he makes Top 10 videos surrounding a particular entry in animation, whether they be characters, moments in a piece of media or a movie itself, and specials or extra videos and series.

Other series

AniMat also made other series such as What's in the Box? and The Muppet Vlogs.


  • "What the fridge?"
  • "Let's find out!"
  • "See you later, dudes!"
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