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We are Element Animation, a team who create hilarious short videos to brighten up your day.

―Element Animation

Element Animation is an English animation team from Scunthorpe in England who creates animated short skits on YouTube


Element Animation first became popular when they released a video entitled “An Egg’s Guide To Minecraft”, which was later advertised by fellow YouTuber SethBling after they created a collaborative animated video with him called “Bite-Sized Minecraft”. Before this point, they had been releasing a web-series known as “The Crack” for 14 months which gained them approximately 3,000 subscribers. That number has risen dramatically over the few months that followed. The videos they upload vary slightly, their original series “The Crack” currently has 20 episodes and is into its second season. Element turned “An Egg’s Guide to Minecraft” into a series following the success of the first episode and they release each installment roughly once a month.

Sometimes, between episodes, they have other short videos such as “10 Minutes of Mustache” or “Nom Egg/Pig/Thing”. In the past they have released Vlogs 1 and 2, they are also planning a third. In the vlogs, the viewers can contribute their questions, comments, or fan art to be presented in the next vlog.

Other Channels

Element Animation has a second channel known as "Element Shorts" in which they create even shorter animations, the shortest being 14 seconds, including the outro.

They also have a channel named "Element Animation 2" in which they create videos that didn't get to the main channel.

The Crack

"The Crack" is Element Animation’s first animation series and takes up most of their uploaded videos. The series follows the everyday adventures of the four animated eggs, Dan, Jason, Chrisi and occasionally the Mustache Guy. On their adventures, they meet lots of other web-based personalities such as Charlieissocoollike, Sam Pepper, PointlessBlog, and so on.

The episodes mostly begin with an opening shot of a kitchen worktop where Jason bounces up to Dan, yelling his name. This has been the norm since the episode “The Visitor” where the kitchen was first shown. The first season ended when Element Animation had been making videos for one year. Season Two later began with the episodes “Hacked Account” and “Hacked Again”, a story arc over three episodes. Episode 3 "We Weren't Hacked!?" was released later on.

An Egg's Guide to Minecraft

"An Egg’s Guide to Minecraft" is the foremost series from Element Animation. There are currently 15 episodes (the 11th being an April fool's joke in 2013). The episodes follow the character “Jason” from “The Crack” as he travels through the world of Minecraft accompanied by the game's main character, Steve. The plot consists of Jason and Steve attempting to find Notch, the creator. Each episode has, so far, ended in a cliff-hanger and is hilariously comedic. Each of the installments has over 1 million views each making them Element Animation’s most popular videos.

Bite-Sized Minecraft

Bite-Sized Minecraft is a series of humorous shorts about the game "Minecraft". The videos are posted by SethBling and there are currently three of the videos with one currently in development.

Element Animation has a few miscellaneous animations. Such as Villager News, Christmas with the villagers, Intelligence Test, Terraria The Animated Series, and shorts for Villager #9's Twitter account.

Villager News

Villager News is a series of Minecraft animation featuring a villager news press which will talk about the recent news that happened in the Minecraft world. The personalities of the villagers are derpy, funny and kind of stupid making sarcastic jokes that also mocks the stubborness of the Bureaucracy in the real world to some extend, but mostly just for comedy purposes. The latest episodes are about how the villagers discovered that a witch accidently poured a potion into a lake thus making the lake magical and will magnify any creature that enters it and in the first video's sequal, it tells a story about how the villagers combated a giant creeper.


  • Dan Lloyd – Dan, Villagers
  • Jason Sargeant – Jason
  • Christine Atkin – Chrisi
  • Scott "Stoked" Yakiwchuk – Steve and various other characters

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: November 7, 2013
  • 2 million subscribers: February 27, 2016
  • 3 million subscribers: October 6, 2019


  • Scott Yakiwchuk is the only member of Element Animation to be deceased.


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