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Elise Ecklund (born: February 18, 1997 (1997-02-18) [age 23]), is an American YouTuber that makes YouTube videos about playing music, mostly playing covers of famous pop songs on her ukulele, Kidz Bop, and TikTok (or a "cursed app" as she calls it). She can play the ukulele and guitar.


In March of 2016, she did a guitar tutorial of Youth by Troye Sivan and how to properly play it on guitar, and she didn't gain popularity until November 1, 2017 when she hit 1.2 million views. To this day, she still does music related videos even though she has dwindling viewership.


She has 2 sisters, and one she often collabs with. They have a channel together called called "Eden and Elise". It only has one video so far.

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