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Elliott Howe, better known online as Elliott the Animator, is a stop motion animator with his most successful animations being the clay dinosaur show “CLAYOSAURUS” which features various clay dinosaurs with the main character usually being an orange T.Rex. Other videos include trailer mashups, comedy and stop-motion animation.

Before Animation

Before creating his clay animated shorts EtA made many amateur videos such as unprofessional vlog type videos with his group of friends “The Five Randomers” (Now know simply as “The Randomers”) and gaming videos. All of these videos, however, were deleted by EtA.


After finally becoming mainly an animation channel, EtA began his now popular series “Clayosaurus” featuring clay animated dinosaurs. The series mainly follows the misfortune of a bad luck prone orange Tyrannosaurus Rex and his frenemy a green Tyranosaurus Rex. Usually the orange Rex will end up injuring himself in a slapstick way or losing his temper with the green Rex.

Trailer Mashups

Another one of EtA’s more popular videos are his “Trailer Mashups” which are movie trailers created by EtA in the way of another movie trailer.


“YTP” (otherwise known as “YouTube P00p”) is a series of videos or movie clips edited in a way that has a comedic effect.


EtA has shown to have numerous pets, his most well known pets are Gizmo, his Leopard Gecko, and David (”Dave”), his Bearded Dragon.

He has two dogs who’s names were revealed to be Marley (A brownish Shih Tzu mix) and Luna (A cream coloured Shih Tzu purebred)

Sound Design

EtA is a hobbyist Sound Designer, he often makes custom roar designs for scenes in dinosaur movies such as the Tyranosaurus Breakout scene in Jurassic Park. All of the roars are made almost completely from scratch. He makes sure all of his dinosaurs sound unique and original.


KAIJU CLASH is an animated series that EtA announced around March 2018, a teaser trailer was released on 23 April 2018. The show is currently on Hiatus due to EtA working on a secret project which he announced to everyone on the community tab.