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Sir Elton Hercules John (born: Reginald Kenneth Dwight; March 25, 1947 (1947-03-25) [age 73]), or just Elton John is a British singer and songwriter. Elton is known for singing songs such as Rocket Man and I’m Still Standing.


Elton was born in Pinner, England and learned the piano at the young age of four. Due to his talents in music, he won a scholarship to a youth program in the Royal Academy of Music in London.

When Elton was a teenager, his parents split up. During his teen hood, he dropped out of school to pursue a career in being a pop musician. He played with a group for a little bit before applying as a songwriter in 1967 for Liberty Records. Once he became a songwriter, he partnered with Bernie Taupin, a lyricist. A year after, the duo switched to the DJM label.

In 1969, Elton released his first album Empty Sky. Later, Elton released Your Song which became a hit. Other songs such as Bennie and the Jets and Crocodile Rock became popular as well. During his career in the 70s-80s, he released many top selling albums and singles. In 1976, Elton came out as bisexual (and later homosexual). Because of this, many people made fun of him for his sexuality.

During the 70s and 80s, Elton took many drugs to try to combat his shyness. As a result, Elton almost lost his life. For this reason and Ryan White’s death from AIDS, Elton sought for rehabilitation. He was also an alcoholic and has now been sober for around thirty years.

Elton also took part in Live Aid with other famous bands and artists such as Queen and Paul McCartney. He was also friends with the frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury and was struck emotionally about his death. Elton took part in the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and performed with Queen for a short while. In 1994, Elton was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Axl Rose from Guns ‘N Roses and was even knighted by Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1998.

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