EmotiSean is a Musician
EmotiSean is from the United States
EmotiSean is male
EmotiSean created their account in 2016
EmotiSean is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Sean Hogan is an American YouTube musician who tries to make music out of random sounds. His content typically is him trying to a complete challenges set by people in the comments. These challenges involve him trying to recreate a song using sounds related to it. He typically shows himself as an emoticon which is reffered to as "emotisean". He also more recently uploads short irl vlog style videos and short typically animated songs. Such as; "All We Want is Freedom" and "Rainbow Buffalo on a Scooter"


Sean Hogan's youtube personality is usually eccentric, weird, and happy. His videos are often free-form with long stretches of no talking.


He created his channel on May 22, 2016, but didn't upload any content until he uploaded a parody of TheOdd1sOut called "Why Dogs Are the Best" on February 12, 2017. The first video of the "Making [song] with [related sounds]" series was "megalovania using sans voice" uploaded on September, 17 2017. Fans usually cut his channel into 3 sections; section 1, before refers to May 22 2016 to September 17 2017. Section 2, music refers to September 17 2017 to the pandemic, where he made videos about making music with sounds. The third section, pandemic refers to his content made in the 2020-2021 Covid 19 pandemic and quarentine. In this section he started realeasing short vlogs and songs.

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