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Enchantment of Eternity is an American YouTuber who produces TV and movie review videos such as episode reviews of Game of Thrones and Star Trek, movie reviews for Star Trek, and theory and discussion videos for both Game of Thrones and Star Trek, but is also willing to make videos on other subjects if he feels like it.

Video Series

  • Short Films
  • Game of Thrones Discussions
  • Star Trek Top 10's
  • Game of Thrones Reviews
  • Better Call Saul Reviews
  • TV Show Episode Top 10's
  • Lost Reviews
  • Top 50 Movies
  • Film Reviews
  • TV Show Reviews
  • Star Trek Reviews
  • Game of Thrones Predictions
  • Game of Thrones Season 5 Prediction Results
  • Game of Thrones Commentaries
  • The Expanse
  • Westworld
  • Featured Video of the Week
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