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Harley Morenstein (born: July 20, 1985 (1985-07-20) [age 38]), better known online as Epic Meal Time, is a Canadian food channel on YouTube.


The idea for Epic Meal Time was created when a friend filmed Morenstein eating a Wendy's hamburger that contained six beef patties and eighteen bacon strips to the theme song from The Terminator. They posted the footage on YouTube, where it gathered thousands of hits.

It was from that video that the idea for the first episode of Epic Meal Time, titled "The Worst Pizza Ever!", came about. In the episode, which was filmed on July 9, 2010, Morenstein and his friend Alex Perrault drove around to various fast food restaurants in Montréal to purchase ingredients for said pizza. The two men purchased a box of KFC popcorn chicken, a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme, a McDonald's Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets, a Wendy's Baconator and french fries, and an A&W Teen Burger (bacon cheeseburger) and onion rings. Using a plain cheese pizza they also purchased as a base, Morenstein and Perrault stacked the fast food items on top of and covered the entire dish in cheese, and placed it in an oven to melt the cheese and secure the fast food items to the pizza. The entire meal totaled 5,210 calories and 286 grams of fat. It was posted on YouTube on October 17, 2010. On October 17, 2011, one year after their first video, they re-made their first ever meal, but this time in a cake. On October 16, 2012, two years after their first video, they re-made their first ever meal, but this time as a deep dish pizza.

Morenstein admits the show is "Jackass in the kitchen", and Epic Meal Time's logo is closely modeled after the American stunt and prank show's own skull and crutches logo. An upside-down cooking pot rests on the skull, while the crutches have been replaced by crossed carving knives.

The group filmed a pilot for G4TV. They were formerly signed with Revision3, an Internet-based television network, before leaving the network in July 2012


This list shows all the members of the Epic Meal Time crew.

  • Harley Morenstein (Sauce Boss) - the owner / boss / leader - July 20, 1985 (1985-07-20) [age 38]
  • Ameer Atari (Prince/Chef Atari) - July 29, 1984 (1984-07-29) [age 39]
  • Sterling Toth - the co-creator - January 25, 1987 (1987-01-25) [age 37]
  • Mike Santos
  • Daniel (Danny) Harroch

Former members[]

  • Alex Perrault (Muscles Glasses) - February 26, 1988 (1988-02-26) [age 36]
  • Tyler Lemco - July 11, 1988 (1988-07-11) [age 36]
  • Josh Elkin (Epic Mook) - October 20, 1982 (1982-10-20) [age 41]
  • David Heuff (Cousin Dave)
  • Mike Assor (The New Guy) - February 23, 1992 (1992-02-23) [age 32]
  • Adam Sand (Gross Guy)
  • Adam Lemco (Lemme Kno)
  • Shawn Dascal


The Epic Meal Time episodes consist of creating an extremely high calorie meal that includes large amounts of meat, especially bacon, and alcohol (most often Jack Daniel's). The episode will then show a group of people eating the meal in an incredibly messy fashion, usually with their hands or odd utensils.

Handle It[]

Handle It is a spin-off series created, which are instructional videos on how to create EpicMealTime style dishes.

Epic Meal Empire[]

Epic Meal Empire is the television series on fyi featuring the Epic Meal Time crew and a woman named Natalie Forte, who helps them with their clients. In the series, they still create outrageous meals for clients. In the beginning, they make a meal before they make the meal that the episode revolves around (each episode is named after the Epic Meal they make.)

Subscriber milestones[]

  • 1 million subscribers: June 14, 2011.
  • 2 million subscribers: December 2, 2011.
  • 3 million subscribers: December 17, 2012.
  • 4 million subscribers: March 16, 2013.
  • 5 million subscribers: June 11, 2013.
  • 6 million subscribers: December 29, 2013.
  • 7 million subscribers: March 31, 2016


  • Below 7 million subscribers: March 30, 2021