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Erpan1140 has more than One Million Subscribers
Erpan1140 has more than Five Million Subscribers
Erpan1140 has more than One Billion Views
Erpan1140 is a Commentator
Erpan1140 plays video games
Erpan1140 is from Indonesia
Erpan1140 is male
Erpan1140 created their account in 2011
Erpan1140 is a Content Creator on YouTube

Adiy Irfan (born: November 4, 1998 (1998-11-04) [age 23]), better known online as Erpan1140 is an Indonesian gaming and commentary YouTuber known for his Minecraft and commentary video. He is a member of 4Brothers along with BeaconCream, Zenmatho, and The Dream Craft.

Personal Life

Adiy Irfan was born on November 4, 1998 in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Since childhood, he has enjoyed creative worlds such as drawing, calligraphy and videography. Until when he was in 6th grade, he developed his creative hobby by trying new things, namely animated drawings. At that time he only used simple applications such as Microsoft Paint and Movie Maker. His love for this field also he learned a lot from his older sister who is also engaged in graphic design. At the beginning of studying video editing, he started by creating video meme content.

Erpan continues to develop his editing skills, especially in the world of animation. When he was in middle school, he learned to create animation with more sophisticated applications such as Pivot Animator and Adobe Flash. Since middle school, Erpan himself has often seen videos on YouTube and wanted to try uploading videos several times but did not understand how to use them. In the past, YouTube and creator content were not as hype as now and videos and creator content from Indonesia were still very few and dominated by lip sync content. Erpan was inspired a lot and watched old Indonesian YouTubers like Janggo 0410, Ewing HD, Pandoev, Arkhazel, Reza Arap and Eno Bening.


Erpan created a YouTube channel in 2011 when he was in middle school and participated in the lip sync trend at that time by making fun lip sync videos with his friends with the song The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars in a video entitled Liping Gila Gila.mp4. This video later became the first video Erpan uploaded on his first channel which he named Erpan Hight (Now biji_onta). He made the name of this channel because he was inspired by the YouTube channel Ewing HD, he thought "HD" sounded cool so he made a similar name, namely "Hight" which he considered cool too. While "Erpan" is a name he made up himself because he didn't want to use his real name, he thinks Erpan is his character on YouTube. On this channel, Erpan also uploaded videos several times but it was not well conceptualized. At that time he uploaded some gaming content as well, such as Lost Saga.

Erpan is getting serious about his passion in the creative world by entering the Multimedia Technology major at SMK Airlangga Balikpapan. As his skills became more honed, he started to get acquainted with editing with the After Effects application and studied tutorials from the Tara Arts channel. At this time Erpan is also determined to create a YouTube channel with gaming-specific content such as the YouTubers who inspired him, namely Janggo 0410 and Ewing HD. Until 2014, Erpan also created a new YouTube channel that he uses until now called Erpan1140, the number 1140 he took from the date of birth which was reversed. The number 11 which is the month of birth and 40 is the date of birth which is reversed.

At the beginning of the Erpan1140 channel, Erpan started his video gaming content in a horror game with his first video playing the game The Midnight Man which he uploaded on January 14, 2014. At that time Erpan was able to upload videos on his channel 2 to 3 times a month. Actually, Erpan really wants to be more active by uploading videos on his channel more often, but he has limited space to shoot freely at his house. This did not make Erpan give up, he often stole opportunities by looking for his friend's empty house to be used as a place to shoot his video gaming. At that time Erpan didn't even know that YouTube could make money. He thinks about being active on YouTube because his only goal is to develop videography and gaming skills that he likes.

When Erpan High School he started to get to know Minecraft, Minecarft is a sandbox game that frees its players to be creative, Minecraft has 2 main game modes, namely survival and creative. Then this becomes the gaming content that Erpan has been working on since his first Minecraft video game in July 2014. Erpan really likes games with the theme of survival and through the Minecraft game he feels he can be creative widely. As time went on the Erpan channel grew, he began to explore various types of games besides Minecraft. The videos he often uploads are not only about gaming, there are also gaming tutorials, tips and tricks, unboxing, game reviews, to pranks, sometimes even Erpan also shows his own animated works. He also realizes that the viewers of his YouTube videos are now not only teenagers and adults, but also children, for that he tries not to say bad words in every video but still attracts the audience with his distinctively funny and relaxed speaking style.

Erpan, who loves the world of games, does not necessarily forget his obligations as a student. It was proven when in 2016 he successfully graduated from SMK Airlangga Balikpapan with the highest score in the Multimedia Technology major. When he graduated, Erpan had a dilemma whether to continue studying, work, or focus on YouTube, which was considered uncertain. Until in the end he chose to focus on YouTube and expressed his seriousness to his parents, Erpan finally asked to be made specifically for his content shooting studio. With his belief, Erpan really hopes that YouTube can produce for him one day. With enough money to make a studio, as well as makeshift shooting equipment such as a laptop and microphone that uses a headset. Erpan finally got serious about pursuing this hobby and did a trial run within 3 months, if he could really make it, then he would continue his career on YouTube.

Until 2017, Erpan has received the Silver Play Button from YouTube. Since getting the Silver Play Button on YouTube, Erpan even more incentive to develop its YouTube channel. This is also proven by a number of videos that he regularly uploads until his subscriber count continues to rise. His channel already has more than 7 million subscribers and has uploaded more than 1K videos.