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EthGoesBOOM (birthday: December 8) is an Australian YouTuber who is best known for FNaF characters' voicing. he originally did animations in late 2015, although he only did the voices, while some animators did the animating. He mostly plays video games while voicing the characters of FNaF, which is mostly what boosted his popularity.


He uploaded his first video on January 27, 2015. He began voice acting FNaF characters on March 17, 2015.

Running Gags

Bonnie says "fowa" instead of "four". This leads to a rivalry with Foxy and Bonnie. It begun in the very First

Nightmare is known as a "cheater", because of an incident in which the other animatronics played FNaF 4, and they were almost always killed by Nightmare. Anytime Someone is about to bring out a Spoiler, Bubba bursts in and says He's gonna Kick Their Butt He is also known for saying "NO SPOILERS!"


  • Foxy is best friends with BB, which is most likely referencing that BB takes the flashlight battery, letting Foxy to kill the nightguard in FNaF 2.
  • Plushtrap has a deep-seated hatred of the other Nightmares, and so he is always making evil plans to sabotage them and their own evil plans. He is a bit of a narcissist, and will do anything to be better than everyone else and get his way.
  • During the period in which the FNaF 2 establishment was open, Golden Freddy and the Puppet put their "powers" (not a lot is known about the said powers) into two cupcakes, and they were able to erase some of the traumatic experiences their friends had had prior to the events of FNaF 2.
  • Candy the Cat (From horror game franchise "Five Nights at Candy's") and the other animatronics from FNaF are friends, with Freddy Fazbear being his best friend. That being said, Candy loves to kidnap Freddy, tie him up in a chair, and force him to react with him to Five Nights at Candy's teasers, and Freddy is getting tired of it, and wishes that Candy would stop. This reached a point where, during the 1,000,000 subscriber video, the animatronics were now annoyed with Candy, leading to him pretending to be obvious disguises of Toy Chica (with the Burger as Toy Cupcake), Phone Guy (referencing his Phone Guy role in fangame Five Nights at Eth's), and Balloon Boy to still show up in the video.
  • In an Ultimate Custom Night video that EthGoesBOOM had uploaded on the Chaos 2 mode, there was a cutscene that showed an "Indie Horror League of Villains" . The animatronics involved in said league were Springtrap, Scrap Baby, Nightmare, the Scooper, Slenderman (Slender: the eight pages), and Tattletail (From Tattletail). The group was brought together by Springtrap to get revenge on BB and JJ, who had broken His beloved axe, Tracey. The other members of the  group got angry at Springtrap for bringing them together just because of some "stupid axe", and they left.
  • Plushtrap and Tattletail became best friends after an incident in which Plushtrap had tried to kill Nightmare, and then was forced to play the Tattletail video game. Plushtrap had yelled at Tattletail in fits of anger, and Tattletail then framed Plushtrap for a separate incident in which The Animatronics Old laptop was stolen and sent into the past to the Sister Location Animatronics forcing them to Buy a New One. Plushtrap had actually liked the fact that Tattletail had done something so evil, and they decided to become best friends.
    • However in The Episode where Sprintrap Plays: Abandoned Discovery Island Found, when The Laptop was sent to the Past, Plushtrap was  seen Saying he was Going to use Golden Freddy's Box to send it back into the Past. Plushtrap admitted later that he just did that to see how Golden Freddy would react.
  • All of the Nightmares show some hatred of Plushtrap, but they do not show hatred towards a lot of other animatronics. 
  • EthBringsDOOM, formerly known as EthGoesEVIL, is the evil version of EthGoesBOOM. He is depicted by Eth as a 'dark entity' and attempts to possess Eth.
  • Before Being added to the Ultimate Custom Night as One of the Members of DeeDee's Crew, Plushtrap started a Group known as "The Anti Ultimate Custom Night Group" Where He and Candy Cadet, Who was Scrapped from the Roster alongside Adventure Endo-01 Teamed up and Brought Every FNAF Character (Except Phantom Puppet because He's Not Evil and the other FNAF World Characters) who was Excluded from UCN together to Shut it Down. The Plan Almost succeeded but Golden Freddy gave the Rejected Animatronics the Honor To Play UCN Which They all Agreed on.
  • Despite being a Mainly FNAF Related Channel many Characters from FNAF FanGames, Other Horror Games and Other Games by Scott have appeared on the Channel Such as: Candy From Five Nights at Candy's, Bendy and Boris from Bendy and The Ink Machine, Coffee from The Desolate Hope, TattleTail from TattleTail Slenderman from Slender & Photo Negative Mickey from Abandoned Discovery Island. However Coffee Could count as a FNAF Character due to him being Included as One of the 8 Brand New Characters included in Update 2 of FNAF World.
  • Despite appearing on the Thumbnail of the 1 Million Subscriber Special, Coffee makes no appearence in the Video at all. Its Possible He was Planned to appear in the Video but was Scrapped.
  • When Freddy Interviewed Nightmare For the 1 Million Subscriber Special He talked about an Event that has not Yet Happened Where he Supposedly Took Over the Pizzaria and Destroyed all the Animatronics. Its Possible Nightmare Predicted a Future Event in EthGoesBoom which hasnt happened Yet. For now it is Unknown.
  • When Being Introduced to the Channel when BB Reacted to the Ennard Teaser JJ Said that She's been hiding in the Shadows. This Possibly Means She has been in Every Single Video on the Channel but Never Heard except for the Videos She is in. 
  • He has an Alternate channel called King of Caps. Where He makes Lets Plays without using his FNAF Character Voices

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers : May 7, 2020
  • On May 6, 2020 he revealed his face on Twitter, and on the YouTube Community tab on his channel
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