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ethanb0206's most popular face.

Hello everyone, my name is Ethanb0206

―Ethanb0206's Intro

Ethan, better known online as ethanb0206, is an American YouTube animator and gamer.


Ethan started his YouTube channel back in April 2013, when some of his videos were private. He did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video in 2014. His very first video was "I've been fooled!" He mistakes frozen apple juice for butter.

Ethan has friends like DIYDamian, onedarko, Aidan (BaerBros), graceb0311, lambtuberxtream, and Angel Toon. He met his friend Damian back in 2011-12. He met onedarko somewhere in the past. Aidan a.k.a BaerBros, is his Cousin. lambtuber (JAKE) is a YTP Maker. He met Angel Toon in July 2016.


About ethanb0206

His most viewed video were the Jumpscare Challenge, ethanb0206 VS Barney Error, Mac OS X Barney, and other of the Error series.

He has other series, The Gmall Series, Roblox Series, and Reaction videos.

He used to have an Arch enemy from Goanimate, Mean Goanimate Dad, the most dangerous Grounding Character ever. He started as a Goanimate Dad.



Ethan created his channel back in this year, but he was completely private at first


Ethan first uploaded a video called "I've been fooled"


A Character from his Gmall series debuts that year, Soda Water Guy.


His mind changed from Feb / May, he got into other Goanimaters, and Unknown users. But then his mind changed to being a well known YouTuber who doesn't do that kind of thing. 2 characters from his ego crew debuts that year, Accent EB and 'Clone' who used to be Evil. Then ethanb0206 meets Ellab0308.


Ethan started making money on YouTube.


Ethan hit his next milestone, 20,000 Subscribers


It's been 5 Years of ethanb0206, and he has Graduated!


Ethan has activated Super Chat and Fanarts show off more this year ______________________________________________________

Gmall Series

His Gmall Series started off in an abandoned mall. His Characters are, Soda Water Guy, Onedarko, Evil Onedarko, Blue Clone ethanb0206, King Vending Machine, Zombie, Fast Zombie, Golden Freddy, Golden Freddy on Fire: I want to eat your soul! Mr Chest: Blaaaah! From the MC Block of the Day. Diesel Busters in the Diesel Busters Special. Cop from Gmall 9 and many other more Gmall Characters you can find on the Gmall Series, including the Gmall Movie.

Skit series

ethanb0206's Skit series star a few people like Graceb0311, Aidan, Clone, Accent EB, and Soda Water Guy


  • Frick
  • Holy Moly
  • Da Frick?
  • Wha...
  • Gimme My Water
  • God Dang it
  • Fudge
  • God Fricken Dang
  • (OUTRO) See ya later Aligator, and a While as a [BLANK] dile

Ethanb0206's Character Sharing Channel

This Channel was made for the characters Ethan created like Soda Water Guy, Accent EB, Clone, and others


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