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Eugenia Cooney has more than One Million Subscribers
Eugenia Cooney makes beauty videos
Eugenia Cooney is a Vlogger
Eugenia Cooney is from the United States
Eugenia Cooney is female
Eugenia Cooney created their account in 2011
Eugenia Cooney is a Content Creator on YouTube

Eugenia Sullivan Cooney (born: July 27, 1994 (1994-07-27) [age 28]), is an American YouTube personality. She is known for uploading beauty videos. Her videos generally get as almost as many likes as they do dislikes.

A petition is currently circulating for YouTube to remove her account due to inciting others to emulate her thin body. Her shape and clothing that highlights her thinness makes her comment section popular. However, Eugenia never addresses her weight and strictly adheres to the topic at hand.

On July 2019, Eugenia returned from a months long social media hiatus and started talking about her eating disorder. She spent some time in rehab getting help which is highlighted upon in her video with Shane Dawson.

Many nights, she chats with fans on Twitch.

Eugenia has long, straight, thick black hair, heavily lined eyes, a high voice, a tall, thin physique and has varied fashions she wears.


Both Onision and Freelea have expressed concern for Eugenia, which she has mentioned in videos and dismissed. Onision has especially taken the liberty of lambasting her on his channel, in multiple videos explaining why Eugenia is in danger and how she is in danger.

Health Concerns

In January 2019, many fans were concerned over Eugenia's weight after she posted a recent video.

In February 2019, Eugenia posted to Twitter that she is seeking help and working with her doctor privately.

In July 2019, Eugenia posted a video with Shane, and finally spoke out about her health problems and her eating disorder.