EvanTubeHD has more than One Million Subscribers
EvanTubeHD has more than Five Million Subscribers
EvanTubeHD has more than One Billion Views
EvanTubeHD is a Vlogger
EvanTubeHD plays video games
EvanTubeHD is from the United States
EvanTubeHD is male
EvanTubeHD created their account in 2011
EvanTubeHD is a Content Creator on YouTube

Evan (born: December 1, 2005 (2005-12-01) [age 15]), better known online as EvanTubeHD, is an American YouTube channel comprised of his sister, Jillian, his father, Jared, better known as "DaddyTube", and his mother, better known as "MommyTube". He showcases toys and gadgets on this channel, as well as doing challenges and science experiments. He also records gaming videos of Minecraft, Disney Infinity, Skylanders, Roblox, and other games with his dad on EvanTubeGaming.



EvanTubeHD is Evan's main channel, where he showcases toys from various franchises, most of which are Lego sets. He also does challenges with his sister, Jillian, plays family games with his family, and posts videos of his tours and skits.

The Tube Family

On The Tube Family channel, you get to see behind the scenes of the first channel, as well as vlogs, family activities, and challenges from the first channel, done by their parents. It was previously called EvanTubeRAW and featured mostly Evan in the older videos, but as the entire family contributed to this channel, it was changed to The Tube Family as of 2018.


EvanTubeGaming is his gaming channel run by Evan and his dad. Games usually found on the channel include Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Fortnite, and different lets plays such as Minecraft and various Nintendo games. He also does unboxings for Lootcrate and 1UP. Mainly he does FORTNITE. He also plays Fall Guys. He plays games with his friend waffle. In March 2021, he released a story-driven modded SMP calles Ultimate SMP


JillianTubeHD is the sister of Evan, known as Jillian. She makes videos on toys (mostly for girls), DIYs, challenges, and other various activities. Her mom occasionally appears in videos as well. Her pet dog, Chloe, also appears on the channel.


DTSings is a channel where his dad, known as DaddyTubeHD, uploads videos of his stage show in which he performs and sings song covers from Disney and others. Sometimes, Evan, Jillian, and his wife, known as MommyTubeHD, also sing covers on the channel.


  • He was originally going to name the channel "Angry Birds 2005" since he liked the Angry Birds franchise at that time, but the name was already taken.
  • He is mainly Chinese and European descent.
  • He's obsessed and a huge fan of "Stranger Things" and "Steven Universe".
  • He was one of the YouTubers which inspired one of his young fans Ryan Kaji to start his own channel called Ryan's World, which has greatly surpassed him in subscribers.