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EyezOpenWyde is an American YouTube conspiracy theorist who has a channel dedicated to promoting worldwide unity to confront corrupt rulers and what he believes to be the New World Order or the NWO.


On June 15, 2011, EyezOpenWyde created a YouTube account under the same name. It gained 56,994 subscribers before it was terminated for violating the community guidelines. EyezOpenWyde replaced his account with an account of the same name on November 27, 2013. The new account is less popular.


On April 26, 2017, EyezOpenWyde uploaded a short video called In A World Gone Crazy Only A Madman Is Truly Sane, where he encourages his audience to angrily, but peacefully and constructively, protest corruption. Since then, EyezOpenWyde stopped uploading.

Difference from Other Conspiracy Theorists

While other conspiracy theorists promote individualism and sometimes even anti-semitism and other hateful ideas, EyezOpenWyde actively promotes that only a collective of all races and religions, Judaism included, can fight corruption and the NWO. Another difference is that EyezOpenWyde, while believing Satanism is a threat, was seemingly skeptical of the PizzaGate controversy. On August 31, 2016, he uploaded a nearly half-hour video called The Rise Of The Satanic Agenda In America, but did not make a similar video or even address PizzaGate, which could mean he was skeptical.

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