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Jordan aka Eystreem is an Australian Minecraft Pocket Edition YouTuber who does many kinds of minecraft videos including Addons showcase, Map Showcase, Survival and Tutorials.

Games Played On Channel

Minecraft 2012-Now

Roblox 2017-2017

Fortnite 2018-Now

Eystreem’s second channel

Eystreem has another channel named StreamPlays with over 2,500 subscribers. This channel has no uploaded videos however.


  • Most of Eystreem’s videos are about Minecraft but he make a video in 2017 about Roblox and another in 2018 about Fortnite video.
  • Eystreem has collaborated with some other Minecraft YouTubers in videos such as RageElixir , AA12YT , FuzionDroid, CyclonePlays, EllaPaiella, and more.
  • In recent video he agreed he liked EllaPaiella and proposed her to be his girlfriend.
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