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FUDZ is an English YouTuber who does Machinima, gaming, music and stories.


FUDZ created his account on August 1, 2011. In the same day, he created his first video which is unknown because he deleted his old videos because he wasn't proud of them. The known first video of him is "RoKemon 1 - Roblox Pokemon Video". After that, he uploaded machinima. It is also unknown if he uploads machinima which he deleted. Other styles are also like that. And then, he does his "first" music video, which is titled, "♪ I'm the Batman! ♪ ROBLOX Music Video By FUDZ".And then he does again machinimas and music videos, until he do some other things like social experiments and "types" of people. He also do 5 ways of _______. After that, he started gameplays and funny moments. He also started secrets in Roblox, which part 5 is just released this month. Another new series which is started this 2018 is the Club C-5.


  • In his own language (also known as FUDZ Language), Hello means Ola.
  • He loves anime as seen on his videos.
  • His new thumbnail is just a fan-art drew by his fan.
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