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Always stay slothy!

―FaZe Blaze

Lucas Mosing, better known online as FaZe Blaze (formerly Blaziken), is an American YouTube vlogger and gamer who is one of the Directors of FaZe Clan with over 3 million subscribers and 418 million views, Blaze is one of the most well-known FaZe YouTubers. Blaziken also lives in the FaZe House alongside Apex, Rain, Temperrr, Adapt, and Teeqo. In May 2017, Blaziken changed his YouTube channel name to "Blaze", as Blaziken is a copyrighted character.


He started his channel way back on the January 8th 2013 under the name "Blazifyy" and uploaded his very first video, "TheUWPolar AoN Montage - Edited by me". As of this time of this article being made, FaZe Blaziken's channel sits on 2.9 Million Subscribers and 406 Million views. Lucas joined FaZe on January 3rd of 2015. Lucas made a video explaining his reaction in when he joined FaZe. Blaziken joined FaZe during a livestream with his friend Red Randumb. During the livestream, FaZe Rain tweeted, "@RedBlaziken this is the only time you'll ever see you your name next to a check mark". He and Randumb both have no idea on what Rain meant on his tweet. For some reason, Blaziken didn't notice that Rain's name is FaZe Blaziken. After a short while of being puzzled, FaZe Rain tweeted saying, "@RedBlaziken means you're in FaZe". After Rain tweeted it, He and Randumb were both shocked and Randumb congratulated Blaziken for being recruited to FaZe.

Living in the FaZe House

Blaziken has been in the FaZe house since June on 2015 and made his very first video on the FaZe house on the 9th of June. Blaziken does skits, gaming, vlogs and other videos with his fellow roommates and with other special guests. Blaziken's most popular video is a song called “Woah Kemosabe” with over 5.9 million views as of this moment, surpassing his second most popular video by over 300 thousand views. In December of 2016 he moved to the new FaZe LA house.

Rap Career

Blaziken has started to pursue a career in music. He has debut his new song "Woah Kemosabe" featuring RSK on May 21st 2017, Which is currently his most viewed video at 5.9 million views. He has made a promise to drop music every Friday and drop an album very soon. This is one of the main reasons for changing his FaZe username to Blaze In May 2017.

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