Faith J Goldy is a Commentator
Faith J Goldy is a Vlogger
Faith J Goldy is from Canada
Faith J Goldy is female
Faith J Goldy created their account in 2012
Faith J Goldy is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Faith Julia Goldy is a Canadian nationalist who ran for mayor of Toronto but lost, and she has a strong YouTube presence. Faith is a political commentary and a reporter, and she even has a podcast called "Canada First" which are around an hour long and even sometimes longer. Faith has a strong anti-immigrant point of view, and there are some videos where she just comments on a topic indoors. Goldy is affected by deplatforming since she was banned by PayPal, Patreon, Facebook, etc., and the thumbnails are very eyecatching. However, there is a way for Subscribe Star to allow her to exist. Faith Goldy just to report for The Rebel Media which does not exist anymore, and there are sometimes livestreams. Faith Goldy went to the United States and even to the Unite the Right rally. There are anti-Muslim views, and there are many people who dislike her viewpoints presented. Even though her show focuses on Canada, American nationalist such as America First with Nicholas J Fuentes has appeared on her show before.

Apparently, as of October 2019, Faith's videos have been wiped from the channels, but there was no terminations. She has switched to making commentary videos with a vlog style video in her own room. Some of the deleted videos can be seen with the Wayback Machine.

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