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Family Fun Pack is an American family YouTube channel, and consists of mother Kristine and the 6 children named Alyssa, David, twins Zac & Chris, Michael and their baby, Owen. They also have 2 pet dogs that live with them.

The channel is well known for uploading videos consisting of waterparks, playground, day in the life, adventures, toys, cooking, challenges, unboxing, stay at home, indoor playground and fan mail. Every Monday, a new video will be posted into the series of 'Mommy Monday'. Mommy Monday is a weekly series ran every Monday, and the contents of the videos would be tied into mom/parenting life. In Spring 2016, they published a video telling you all about Family Fun Pack and what they love to do as a family, introducing viewers to their popular channel. Some of their most popular videos where twins fight over vacuum and their first video twins putting themselves to bed.

In 2015, they started a new jingle to replace the "please subscribe" clip at the beginning of their videos, this has been updated over time. The 'please subscribe' clip was created in 2014 and featured the 5 children holding out a sign spelling 'please subscribe' at the beginning of each video. The new jingle was created after their then youngest son Michael hummed a tune that Kristine (mom) loved. She played the notes on the piano and then decided to use the tune for Family Fun Pack's new intro. The intro includes the tune with all the kids' voices and an illustration of the Family Fun Pack family.

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