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Griffin Lewis, better known online as Fandroid MUSIC! (or Fandroid), is a YouTuber that creates songs based on the suggestions given by fans. He also has a gaming Channel: Fandroid GAME.


Not much is known about Fandroid's true identity but there are some theories that Fandroid is actually Griffin Lewis because Griff was the old channel owner and makes Fandroid songs livestreaming in his new channel, and in his twitter description says Creator of @fandroidrobot.

Fandroid, as a character, is a talking computer with robot body. He has robot arms with claws, and a stereo as his torso. His face is blue and lacks animation, but can change into expressions, and even mimics faces of game characters. He also wears headphones which changes color on the inside.

Being a computer, he speaks in a robotic voice, and musical too.

Songs by Fandroid

  1. He's A Scary Bear (Freddy Fazbear Song, Five Nights at Freddy's)
  2. Spooky Blooky Wave (Napstablook Song, Undertale)
  3. It's High Noon (McCree Song, Overwatch)
  4. Lit Like Kitten (Litten Song, Pokémon Sun and Moon)
  5. Don't Tattle On Me (Tattletail Song)
  6. Senpai Won't You Notice Me? (Yandere Simulator Song)
  7. Twirling Girl (Ballora Song, Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location)
  8. The Slenderman (Slenderman Song)
  9. The Devil's Swing (Bendy Song, Bendy and The Ink Machine)
  10. Kill or Be Killed (Flowey Song, Undertale)
  11. The Old Song (Sammy Lawrence Song, Bendy and The Ink Machine Chapter 2)
  12. City of Life (Zootopia Song)
  13. Hard in the Paint (Splatoon Song)
  14. Curiosity (Got The Best Of Me) (Hello Neighbor Song)
  15. The Devil's Disco (Bendy And The Ink Machine Song)
  16. You Signed a Contract (Cuphead Song)
  17. Don't Rage Quit (Geometry Dash Song)


  • Griffin has created songs on an old, different channel Griffinilla.
  • Griffin is also the co-creator of the popular web series, My Little Pony, Friendship is Witchcraft along with Jenny Nicholson, under the pseudonym Sherclop Pones .
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