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Daniel Peifer (born December 28, 1995 (1995-12-28) [age 24]), better known online as FawdzYeahdudehaha, or just Dan was an American gamer and vlogger.

Earlier in his career he mostly played Minecraft with his co-host Skitscape along with other games such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Limbo, Happy Wheels, Skyrim, and Runescape to name a few. Now, Dan mainly posts videos of him talking in front of a camera, and occasional piano sessions. He used to live in Chicago, IL with Skitscape (Tony) but now he lives in Fort Collins, CO as he attends the college there.


Yeahdudehaha is the new username adopted with his new Twitter, and Snapchat. After Dan stopped gaming, he started vlogging on his Fawdz channel to keep his loyal fans notified that he hasn't died. Afterwards, Dan started a new channel, Yeahdudehaha, where he and his friend Paul run the Fawdcast; a podcast created by Dan and Paul where they talk about stuff such as music recommendation, world news, and fan questions.

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