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Fawful's Minion, also known as AnimalGuy001, is a YouTuber who widely makes top 10 videos on video games. His career started after he got some inspiration from Flames1212, as well as a little from Joshscorcher. He's been planning to get his Bachelor's Degree in film and he happens to be a Nintendo nerd. He used to belong to an online group formerly known as the Chaos Theatre until its dissolvement. And he also happens to get the name after his favorite character, Fawful, then he changed the name to Fawful's Minion after his previous thought on naming himself Fawful's Headgear. He also used to belong to a community called the Chaos Theatre.


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  • His favorite Pokémon is Darkrai.
  • His favorite franchise is Star Fox. Or so it was. Now, in his Favorite Franchises remake, Mario's the supreme champion.
  • He prefers Electric-Type Pokémon over Fire-Types as he'd rather shock than burn his enemies; Entei and Magmortar are exceptions, though.
  • His favorite element is Bug, and he's a huge Scizor fanboy.
  • The things that really give him fury are his hated character Pigma Dengar from Star Fox, his worst cliché is time limits, all his listed Killjoys/Annoyances and especially Blinkey's Mech and Random Number Generation.
  • He said he sees Blinkey in Pac-Man in therapy every weekend, but it's unclear if it's true or not.
  • He loves Nintendo, though he owns other consoles such as PS2, PS3, and XBOX.
  • His favorite movie genres are comedy and animation; his favorite movie is Wreck-It Ralph. His favorite movie role is Michael J. Fox as Chance from Homeward Bound.
  • He loves Chinese food.
  • His mains in SMASH are Pac-Man and Banjo-Kazooie.
  • His favorite robot is Zero from the Mega Man X games.
  • He loves the Scout in Team Fortress 2.
  • He plans to get his Bachelor's degree in film editing.
  • Not only is he a great YouTuber, but also a talented sprite animator and video editor.


  • His favorite all-time video game is Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story." Heck, he even named his channel after his mascot, Fawful. And he happens to love animals, hence the original name, Animalguy001, and he used to download episodes from Animal Planet's The Most Extreme.
  • His favorite animal is the yellow dart frog.
  • This may be false but during his creepypasta, he mentioned that his birthday is on the same date as his parent's marriage. This could be a rumor, though.
  • His former theme for his channel was a compilation from the main theme of Sonic Colors, then Tropical Resort; now it's "Imagic" by RealFaction.

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  • He once made a video concerning Itionoben's predicament called "Re-planting the Trees...Apprentice", but he took it down due to privacy reasons; this was when their friendship started to break off. Though he's still best friends with other YouTubers such as The Quarter Guy, Joshscorcher, and CJszero01.
  • A few of his favorite YouTubers include CJszero01, Flames1212, and even AVGN.
  • Unlike the majority of people who go out Trick-or-Treating, dress up in costumes, eat candy, and/or watch horror flicks, Fawful's Minion's tradition for the Halloween season is to play Luigi's Mansion.
  • In his remake of his Top 10 Favorite Video Game Franchises, he raved that his girlfriend is actually NicoTheSerperior/NicoTheMimikyu.

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