Fefe creates skits and sketch videos
Fefe plays video games
Fefe creates meme videos
Fefe is from England
Fefe is female
Fefe created their account in 2020
Fefe is a Content Creator on YouTube

FeFe is an English VTuber who debuted on Twitch the November 1, 2020. She is independently produced and the executive producer of the Animated YouTube cartoon SEISO island.

She moved to YouTube shortly after her Twitch debut, where she now has a comparable audience.



Fefe is known for being a chaotic prankster and plays a trickster-style character. Enjoys teasing and baiting her audience and friends, often using her more adult content to do so.

She has garnered a reputation for licking other streamers both while they are streaming and in their recordings. When asked why all the licking, FeFe has replied "Do you think I asked to be this horny? Do you think I enjoy getting peoples hair stuck in my mouth? The thing is, if I don't do one will...".


FeFe is a 2D Vtuber with a punk aesthetic. With short white hair and an undercut, she sports multiple tattoos of Projekt Melody, Natsumi Moe, Comdost, Bunny_Gif, Silvervale, Froot, Zentreya, and IronMouse. She has multiple facial piercings and red eyes. Her usual outfit is a white sleeveless crop top with "Mini Milk" written on it and a black right sleeve that she wears on top and stretches across her chest. Accompanying this is a pair of dark shorts and a studded black belt.

In September 2021 she debuted a new model, with long white hair and a pony tail. The new model wears a few different removable layers of clothing, a white shirt on top of a black bikini and black pants. It also has new facial piercings but keeps her old tattoos.



FeFe began her career as a Twitch streamer on January 3rd 2020, almost ten months before becoming a Vtuber. She initially began by running her channel as a Punk Rock Radio for Weebs as she worked during the day, and continues to do so even after her Vtuber Debut.

On the 1st of November in 2020, FeFe debuted her 2D avatar and has since streamed mostly gaming content, along with media shares including music videos, funny Youtube videos, and watching (and often licking) other streamers both live and on VODs.


While she had a presence on YouTube previous to that, collaborating with friends in other channels, it wasn't until january 10st of the next year when she started using the platform more actively.

In less than 3 months after that, her channel reached over 4M views, her style of short and witty comedy parodies of anime tropes proving to be very popular among her already established anime-loving fanbase. Since then, a sizeable portion of her Twitch audience has been comming from Youtube.


In addition to her streams and YouTube channel, FeFe has a big interest in music, being herself a former bass player. She still hosts radio streams to this day.

On the 5th of December in 2020, FeFe released a 54 track album called Virtual Memories on iTunes, Spotify, and more. The album features many fellow VTubers.


  • FeFe is a big fan of Twix bars.
    • FeFe is also a big fan of NSFW artwork.
  • FeFe's voice has often been compared to Raven's from Teen Titans.
  • Lelouch vi Britannia is FeFe's husbando.
  • It's rumored that she has an nsfw video on a certain site, but nobody's been able to find it so far.
  • FeFe is a big fan of Fairy Tail. So much so, that insulting Fairy Tail in her channel is against her rules.
  • Begged to be flexed on by "Nux daddy".
  • Her mod team sometimes needs to stop her from being too nsfw on twitch.
  • Natsumi Moe was the inspiration for FeFe to become a Vtuber.
  • FeFe has a cat named Shota.
  • She was a Disney Channel Actress as a background character, but she keeps the show's name in secret.
  • She is a fan of Ringo Kujo