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FilmCow (formerly SecretAgentBob) is a YouTube sketch channel that does animation, and live action puppets and acting. They made their rise to fame due to the video "Charlie the Unicorn", which is considered their most popular series. There has been 4 episodes in the series so far, and the second episode is their most viewed video.  


The channel is generally run by Jason Steele who animates, song-writes and voice-acts most of their animated content. Most puppets and props used are created by "Scuffy". They both do some live acting, but not as much as the others. Chris Alex, Jennifer Alex, Nick Alex, and Robert Benfer often star in live action videos. When the channel first started it was common for Steele's and Alex's friends and family to act in their videos. 


FilmCow usually creates different content every fortnight and as such don't have many series. Most of their animated series have stopped at three to four episodes ("Mystery of Westington Manner", "George and Angela", "Charlie the Unicorn"). Currently the longest animated series is "Llamas with Hats" which has ended with twelve episodes.

Live series are even less common than animated series being that right now there is only "Detective Heart of America", "Dark Midnight" and "Hit it With a Car". "Hit it With a Car" is their longest running live series (and series in general) with nine episodes.


FilmCow has made a total of two films "Nick: The Feature Film", and "Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom".