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The fiveawesomegirls was based off of vlogbrothers and is described on their YouTube page as "if you mixed Brotherhood 2.0 with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and threw in a little Harry Potter and good genes, then you'd have the Five Awesome Girls."


The fiveawesomegirls live all over the US in different places and started the video blog to become closer to one another. They started fiveawesomegirls in the pretense of having five girls and five weekdays. Each girl would vlog on their assigned day of the week, which was as follows:

  • Kristina—Monday
  • Lauren—Tuesday
  • Kayley—Wednesday
  • Hayley—Thursday
  • Liane—Friday


The video blog was to last for all of 2008, and no girl missed a day, though some days involved substitutes, including Nina filling in for Lauren one Tuesday.

The channel Style days are over in their old form, but a set of rules from the first video of 2009 state that:

  • Each girl can only post videos on her designated day of the week.
  • Each girl must post a video at least once a month

None of the girls have posted everyday of 2009.

For 2010, the girls are strongly suggested to post everyday. Missing a day will cause a strike. Each girl gets 5 strikes, no lends to handouts. After the fifth strike, there will be punishments.

As of Febuary 22nd, no girl has had a strike.