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Albert Spencer Aretz (born: ​June 11, 1997 (1997-06-11) [age 23]), better known online as Flamingo (known on Roblox as mrflimflam, formerly AlbertsStuff), is an American YouTuber who primarily uploads Roblox gameplay videos. He is best known for his comedic style in his videos.

Early Life

Albert originally became known for his now discontinued Terivent channel, which was created on July 19, 2012. Though, he decided to switch to the Flamingo channel due to him not getting ad revenue due to the profanity in his videos on the AlbertsStuff channel. Because of this Albert decided to make Flamingo (his new channel) far more PG than AlbertsStuff to keep it from getting demonetized. Many of Albert's videos on AlbertsStuff were unlisted or deleted entirely because of this. Albert has played Roblox since childhood and does skateboarding. He has a dog named Bedrock. He used to have a dog named Peach but he gave her away to his girlfriend’s parents.


Albert is known for his memes. Some of them include Yo Tengo, Earthworm Sally, Su tart, Felipe, Still Chill, Old Woman Man, Mr. Room Foam, Sammy the Strawberry, RESPECT THE VETS, Cleetus, GET NOOB, Yass Queen, REEEEEEEEEEEEE, depressed scooby doo, Dr.Clump, ugly scp tato, and not accepting blame.

"Yo Tengo": A Spanish phrase which translates to "I have". Used as a reference to the large Spanish and Mexican majority of Roblox.

"Bloody diarrhea": An old joke from his channel AlbertsStuff, he would say this if he saw someone wear a type of pants called "Chainsaw man pants v.1."

"RESPECT THE VETS": A reference to the various army and war-related groups on Roblox.

"Still Chill": A reference to the “Chill” face on Roblox. Frequently used by Albert in his videos to convey a sense of relaxation in difficult and or stressful times.

He is also known for creating many characters in his videos. Some of which include:

"Earthworm Sally": A humanoid sized earthworm that reportedly carries various forms of diseases from the east coast to the west coast of The United States, In the theme song, it is made known that her diseases have a sphere of influence from as far as Florida and Cali (California)

"Felipe": A polystyrene head draw on by Albert to imitate makeup to "make him the man of my dreams". It is important to note however Felipe does not seem to have a requiring gender in Alberts videos since Albert refers to it both as a he and she in multiple videos. It is also shown to be "abused" in multiple videos by Albert. Some of these actions include: being thrown into a ceiling fan, being thrown across a room, being hit with a hammer multiple times and being ripped in two pieces by Albert. It has also been "killed" because of these acts a subsequently poorly repaired by Albert multiple time by Albert using both tape and a form of clay. Though in his newer videos it is now canonically deceased.

"Old Woman Man": An experiment by Albert to see how the majoritively younger Roblox playerbase would react to seeing elderly people in Roblox.

"Mr. Room Foam" A famous misspelling of Albert's primary Roblox account named: "mrflimflam" made by Roblox user "iygiviyvyiv” in one of Alberts videos.

"Sammy the Strawberry": A character created in the Roblox game: "Robloxian High School" which takes the form of an ominous strawberry made to adhere to the common food mascots seen in many parts of America in the ’80s and ’90s. Sammy promotes healthy eating and often threatens people when they don't take this diet on.

"Cleetus" A common American name used a reference to Albert's early life in which he reportedly would hang out with "country boys". The Cleetus character was created to imitate the common clothing style of American farmers. Cleetus dawns a cowboy hat and overalls with an overweight body figure. He is also used as the primary outfit of Alberts Roblox Avatar. He temporarily passed away of drowning in the video "Albert / Flamingo plays THE SIMS"

"Green Screen man" A superhero created by Albert himself referencing green screens and how they work. He commonly uses the green screen to make jokes, by having his editor, CARLITO (Adam), print media on all things with the color of green.

"Su tart" is a character who originates from a sad story game on Roblox. This sad story game is famous for its very bad grammar and spelling. These spelling mistakes went as far as to effect “Su tarts” name which was most likely originally supposed to be spelled "Stuart". In this sad story, he is portrayed as a young boy who attends a form of an American school. Throughout the story, he is continually bullied, harassed and assaulted by other students in his school. The story ultimately comes to a resolution in which a student stands up for Su Tart which causes the other students to feel reluctance and guilt over bullying Su Tart. The story ends with a note to not bully others and to seek help if one's self is being bullied. This format has been used many times and some make it in videos.

"Slightly More Yellow Spongebob" (aka. Spongebob The Killer) is a character first introduced on Feb. 5th, 2020 on the video "Making a TRASH Roblox game popular with game advertisements..." This was the main character in the game (The name of the game is 'Survival The Spongebob The Killer' because of a game that got 50 million joins in a couple of months named 'Survival The Hulk The Killer', inspired by a game with double the visits, 'Survival The Jeff the Killer".)

"Vegetables Hulk" This phrase was introduced on August 19, 2019, on his video, 'Roblox CHEATS I found...' The phrase was shown when he joined Murder Mystery II. Spoken by GOODHUNTERII, the quote is misspelled as 'vegetebles hulk'. It has been referenced a few more times throughout Flamingo's videos.

"Get Noob" Get Noob is a phrase used by Flamingo when he calls roblox players noobs

"Ugly scp tato" A phrase introduced on May 24, 2019 when the roblox user MoLovesRainbow says "ugly scp tato" which Albert spammed, and it caused MoLovesRainbow to freak out.

Some of his videos have included ROBLOX myths which started a trend of fanart and relationships between Albert and people affiliated with the myth community.


Albert used to date LanasStuff, who owns a beauty channel. However, the two broke up sometime in December 2018. He is also best friends with Jayingee. Albert and Lana bought a house together and did a tour when Jake came over. Albert has now started making videos with his friend Kaden Fumblebottom, aka JokerKid5898 on Roblox. They have a running joke that Kaden was hired by Albert, and is required to agree with Albert all the time. Outside of close friendships, he has collaborated with many YouTubers like Tofuu and SynthesizeOG. Albert's current girlfriend is FoxKirsten, who is a twitch streamer. He is also friends with RussoPlays, KonekoKitten, Temprist, and Speedy.

Personal Life

Albert has posted a photo on his Instagram of him and his cat Simon, along with one of his father and him. They also has a dog named Bedrock or (Rocky), Albert has also featured his sister Alexandria Aretz in a couple of his videos. It has been revealed that Albert also has another sister named Mary Aretz.

Before he was big, Albert made many Phantom Forces, Apocolypse Rising (Which are both Roblox games), and CS: GO videos. Albert's current girlfriend, Kirsten, is a childhood friend of his which he had met at a McDonalds. According to Kirsten, they had been on and off for six years before he had met Lana. She has a YouTube channel called FoxKirsten.


Adam (better known as Speedy) is Albert's editor. He used to be known as Carlito on the Flamingo channel until his real name was revealed.

Albert has another editor, Paige. She does have a YouTube channel (turnthepaige). She occasionally puts herself in his videos, possibly to represent her commentary on the video and mood.

Albert's other editor, ZNac, is also another Roblox YouTuber. ZNac posts Roblox content based on games where you build vehicles to go through obstacles. ZNac rarely uploads on his channel, though.

Albert hired a creative director for his channel, Kaden. Kaden is well known for being the leader of the Roblox Myth Hunters group on Roblox.

Albert has a thumbnail creator, named Dani, better known online as polarcubss, who is from Canada.

Subscriber Milestones

Note: The following dates are according to SocialBlade. Dates may vary by ~1 day (2 days if you live outside of North America) due to differences in time zones.

  • 1 million subscribers: February 25, 2018
  • 5 million subscribers: April 16, 2020



  • "i am a woman my name is dima"
  • "hola me adoptas"
  • "Have you seen my son? His name is Samuel."
  • "Doctor Doctor, tell me the news. I got bad case of bloody poo."


  • "YO TENGO!" (meaning "I have" in Spanish)
  • ”Yoink!” (whenever he jumps or takes something)
  • "my name is now mr room foam"
  • "Yaaaaas, queen!"
  • "ugly scp tato, ugly scp tato, ugly scp tato, ugly SCP tato" (orginally created by another player as "scp ugly tato")
  • "Woop!" (when he is spawning something)
  • "EY GET IN BROTHERS!" (normally say this in a possible southern accent)
  • "Still Chill, Still Chill, Still Chill, Still Chill, Still Chill" (when something stressful happens, he says this)
  • "Mwa Mwa Milky!"
  • "R O U X"
  • "i kill the killers" (portraying as Demonboy, a satirical Roblox "myth")
  • "me cool you pool" (former group shout)
  • "BLEEEEEEEEEEP" (Censored Roblox Chat)
  • "MMMMMMMMM (#########)Dirt Bikes" (Quote from early video)
  • "E"
  • "ruh ro raggy"
  • "YEET" (used when he throws an object or flings someone in his admin command videos)
  • "she be bad" (From a previous video, now featured as the banner for his Twitter account.)
  • "Get noob!" (When he kills someone/wins a game etc.)
  • "STOP ONLINE DATING!" (When somebody online dates in front of him, usually in his admin command trolling videos, it is also featured in a ROBLOX audio in which he plays when catching someone online date.)
  • "You've gotta be yolking me" (Usually said as a sign of stress towards a recent event.)
  • "I've got fame, you've got lame" (not created by him but is a common phrase used in the ROBLOX game, Auto Rap Battles"
  • "Am now" (originally said by TobiasLOLBro in an Evicion Notice server.)
  • "EU EU EU EU EU EU EU EU EU EU EU EU EU EU EU" (From a video of voice chat.)
  • "FE FE FE FE FE FE FE FE FE FE FE FE FE FE FE FE" (Also from a voice chat video.)
  • "EEEEEEEEKKKK" (His death sound)
  • "REEEEEEEEEE" (When he tries to kill someone.)
  • Spanish names such as Carlito, Pablito, Julio, Juanita
  • "Go Commit Marley from Marley and Me"
  • "BOOP" (whenever he touches something in a scary game)
  • "vegetebles hulk" (First said by in GOODIHUNTERII "Roblox CHEATS I found..."
  • "Respect the Vets" (Something he said in a cafe game.)
  • "AYE AYE AYE BROCCOLI BOIZ" (When people were roleplaying hulk in Adopt Me)
  • "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" (normally for chats that normally that only contains the letter E)
  • "Hey (there) sisters!"
  • ”Your [sic] die not me!”
  • ”Mario!”
  • "If you don't have a homeboy, you gotta be your own boy."
  • "ITS EARTHWORM SALLY, SPREADING DISEASES FROM FLORIDA TO CALI, FLORIDA TO CALI,from Florida to Cali." (A character from the Flamingo Channel)
  • "you are a pirate"
  • "EAR RINGS! EAR RINGS! EAR RINGS!" (From an admin troll video)
  • "I'M NOT FAT!!!!!"
  • "Mom Tom, Mom Tom."
  • "Tom with a big fat mom!"
  • "Nice mice nice mice" (From a rap battles video)
  • "Felipe, Su tart, Earthworm Sally (Characters from the Flamingo Channel)
  • " SHE FELL AGAIN! THE THIRD TIME!" (break in video)
  • "SHE JUMPED IN THE WATER, HIT HIMMMM!!!" (break in video)
  • NOOB
  • "Ugly scp tato"
  • "Alright Buster!"
  • "FATTY!"
  • "Fat Head"
  • "C-Cleetus!"
  • " I HATE YOU!" (piggy infection video)
  • "My sun is doe"
  • "Sunscreen eater" (referring to the people with the XBOX avatars and have a white head
  • "Sunburnt" ( to the light red skin tone availabile in the avatar customization feature on ROBLOX.)
  • Sucks to be you"
  • "Making my way downtown..." (was a song)
  • "Somethin' bout a truck, in the farmers field" (Albert singing the country song "Somethin' bout A Truck" by Kip Moore, while riding in a truck in a roblox game.)
  • Alarms are very alarming.
  • "I'M NOT FAT"
  • "HA HA noobie!"
  • "How do I get guns in this game?" (when Albert gets mad at someone in games - latest videos of 2020)


  • Albert's birthplace was New Jersey. 
  • Albert and Jake have been friends for 8 years. They originally met on Roblox.
  • Albert’s also well known for making the Spanish phrase “Yo Tengo” (translating to “I have” in English), which was a very popular gag. These days, he calls it a 'dead joke/meme'.
  • Albert has two cats and two dogs, the cat's names are Leo and Kimmy and one of the dog's names is Bedrock and the other one is named Peach.
  • Around January 2019, Albert started dating Kirsten. They have known each other since she was 14 years old and Albert was 15. 
  • Albert is 5' 11".
  • One of his favorite video games is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
  • Some of the OG fans of Albert know him from a channel called AlbertsStuff.
  • Albert stopped posting on the channel AlbertsStuff because that channel got age-restricted by YouTube and he got no ad-revenue so he had to make the channel Flamingo.
  • He was "dating" a foam head named "Felipe". However, he abused Felipe so much that he broke him. On September 14, 2019, he brought Felipe back together but he wasn't exactly how Albert remembered him. Unfortunately soon after that Felipe died.[1]
  • Some people might think that his Roblox username was referenced to the Flim Flam Brothers, from My Little Pony. Others probably thought it was a random user he made.
  • Albert used to have brown hair until he dyed it blondish-white because he was mocked of his age. And on November 11, 2019, he dyed his hair back to brown but it was too light and he hated the hair.
  • Many people call Albert fat on Roblox because of his avatar (specifically his Cleetus avatar) in the game.
  • It is shown that he is strong. He used to be a "thicc" boy. He didn't like his big muscles due to Albert didn't like how he looked now he is a thin boy and that's just the way he likes it.
  • Albert has a high metabolism, so he would have to eat a lot, "an insane amount", every single day.
  • He owns the account luisgamercool 23.[2]. He has uploaded about 3 videos to the channel. It was used as a social experiment in which he spends thousands of robux on a channel owned by a 'noob'.
  • He has his own UGC hat on Roblox named "Felipe", which he created along with DieSoft (a very popular UGC creator).[3] He created a 2nd UGC hat (with DieSoft) named "Flamingo", based on the secondary mascot of the channel.[4] The duo also made a Flamingo beak.[5]
  • Albert has a dog named Bedrock, after the Minecraft block. Bedrock is 10 months old as of November 2019 and is a Pomsky, a mix between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian.
  • Before AlbertsStuff and Flamingo, Albert had another channel called ROBLOXHub, which is still viewable to this day.[6]
  • Albert has a game named Survive Albert which was made with the help of Jandel, NeverTrustBob, and TheEpicHaxerYT.[7]
  • Albert is claustrophobic, as stated by a fever dream he had.[8]
  • Albert worked at Macy's on a Black Friday and the following day of an unknown year, and never showed up after. He still technically works there.[9]
  • Some of his fans may call him "flam go", a satirical spelling of "Flamingo".
    • 'flam go" is also his Twitter bio.
  • Albert can skate in real life and he has posted videos of him skating shirtless on his twitter and played skating games on Roblox.
    • Albert used to own a channel (ROBLOXSkateMagazine) back when he skated on Roblox with his friends. He and his friends used this channel to show their skateboarding skills on Roblox.[10]
  • According to Albert, his favorite meme on his channel is ugly scp tato. In a video where Albert is in a rap battle game, a player randomly says “scp ugly tato” in their verses. Albert copies them in his round, but gets called out by the player that had originally said the phrase.[11]
    • While there is no actual meaning to the phrase, the phrase does refer to the fictional organization called the SCP Foundation which works on containing supernatural beings/items. [12]
  • Albert and Kirsten got a new puppy as of December 2019 which is also a Pomsky. Her name is Peach but Albert sometimes refers to her as Princess.
  • He has planned to move to Texas as one of his 2020 New Years resolutions.[13]
  • Albert is gluten intolerant as said by Kirsten in her latest vlog.
  • He is a fan of Tyler, the Creator, and most of his wardrobe comes from Tyler's brand GOLF WANG.
    • He also got clothes from Mark and Jack's brand, CLOAK.
  • Albert claims his biggest inspiration is the Game Grumps.
  • He may have a speech impediment because Albert is seen having trouble talking in a couple of his videos.
  • On January 15, 2019, Albert's MrFlimFlam account had terminated from Roblox and after that, he had to make an account called mrflimflam.
  • Albert recently got multiple foam heads and made one called "Ninja from Fortnite" and another called "Sonic". They were both made to look like very dumb and weird versions of the original.
  • Albert has made 5 channels, only 1 is active and the rest are inactive or discontinued (such as AlbertsStuff)
  • Albert used to have a channel called AlbertsStuff, with swearing and comedy, but as YouTube changed he felt the need to discontinue the channel and start a new channel that complies with YouTube's guildlines but still entertain fans with his funny comedy and videos.myson.
  • On Finobe, Albert has a secret account known as coolestmancool.
  • Albert has captured the real ROBLOX user in-game once on recording whilst trying to get himself banned at the same time in February 2012.


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