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Nobody would be CRAZY enough to build a boat out of GLASS!

―Phil Swift before making a boat using only Flex Glue Clear

Swift Response, LLC or Flex Seal Products, doing business as Flex Seal, is an American company specializing in adhesive bonding products, encompassing the Flex Seal, Flex Shot, Flex Tape, Flex Glue, Flex Mini, Flex Paste, and Flex Tape Adhesive Remover products in the US. The company is owned by Philip and Alan Swift. Phil also serves as the brand's television spokesperson.

Consumer Reports accredited the company in 2012.


Flex Seal Products makes a line of adhesive bonding products that are based around the concept of liquid rubber. Flex Shot was released as an alternative to a caulk gun. Flex Tape was released as a waterproof tape. Flex Glue was released as a fix-all adhesive. On March 8, 2019, they released Flex Minis. Flex Seal also has a line of colored Flex Seal cans called Flex Seal Colors, the colors include black, white, almond, blue, brite, brown, clear, gray, green, red, terra-cotta, and yellow, there was also a limited edition pink version.


The company has become famous for its television advertising. Spokesperson Phil Swift has gained attention by doing extraordinary things in commercials, such as sawing a boat in half and then repairing it with Flex Tape.

Since 2013, Flex Seal has sponsored NASCAR Xfinity Series team JD Motorsports, sponsoring drivers like Ross Chastain, Landon Cassill, and Jeffrey Earnhardt among others. During one 2017 race, Flex Tape was used to repair crash damage on the car the company-sponsored, which was driven by Garrett Smithley.

In popular culture

The brand gained much more attention when in 2017, YouTube personality JonTron uploaded a video focusing on the humorous aspects of Flex Seal infomercials, which soon became the most viewed video on his channel. On December 2, 2018, JonTron released a second video about the Flex Seal line of products, in which he collaborated with Phil Swift and others from Flex Seal Products. Through this collaboration, Flex Tape grew in popularity on the Internet in 2018, especially in meme form.


Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE

JonTron made a video about Flex Seal titled Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE - JonTron, this became JonTron's most popular video and making Flex Seal go up in popularity.

Flex Tape II: The Flexening

A long-time later, JonTron returned after a lengthy hiatus from YouTube by making a sequel to Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE titled Flex Tape II: The Flexening - JonTron. In this video, JonTron worked with Flex Seal themselves, as he had Flex Seal as a sponsor on that video.


The Memes around Flex Seal started when JonTron made Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE memes started around Flex Seal, the most famous one is the "That's a lot of damage!" Meme.

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