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Travis Copen[2] (born: March 2, 2004 (2004-03-02) [age 16]),[3] better known online as FloofyPoofy or Spuffy (also referred to as just Poofy, or DubbingDubs, his FANDOM username), is a Finnish-American[4] YouTuber. He is the founder of BEB Studios and is best known for being the creator and lead animator of the Little Einsteins Reboot.

Poofy created his channel on December 30, 2015. He primarily uploads clips from cartoon series, such as Little Einsteins and Amphibia. He sometimes uploads promotional material for the Little Einsteins Reboot.

He runs a second channel called BEB Studios, which is named after his production team of the same name. BEB Studios' videos are mostly clips of the Little Einsteins Reboot, but sometimes he uploads promos for their other projects, such as Cat O' My and Alphabet Park Adventure: The Series. Uploads on the BEB Studios channel are much less frequent than on his main channel.

Poofy also has a third channel called FloofyPoofy 2. Originally, it was given the same name as his main channel. He uses this channel to upload multilanguage videos, but he also sometimes uploads cartoon fandubs in Trawigan, a language that he created.[5]


Little Einsteins Reboot

The Little Einsteins Reboot is a fanmade revival of the Playhouse Disney TV series, Little Einsteins. Poofy first got the idea to remake Little Einsteins in 2016 when he drew the Little Einsteins characters in his own art style. At the time, the project was titled "BEI's Little Einsteins: Rebooted."[6] The title was later changed to "Little Einsteins Reboot."

The Little Einsteins Reboot gives the characters new appearances and personalities. Unlike the original, the series is comedic instead of educational.

Poofy uploaded a three-minute preview of the first episode, "Gamer Annie" to his main YouTube channel on March 2, 2019.[7] The full episode was uploaded on September 8, 2019.[8]

As of November 20, 2019, the Little Einsteins Reboot is officially on hiatus due to COPPA. It is scheduled to be back in production in the summer of 2020 and released soon after.

In A Nutshell

In A Nutshell was a series where Poofy sang the Little Einsteins theme song in different languages badly on purpose. Viewers could vote on which version he would cover.[9] There were at least four episodes in the series.[10] The series is completely lost because Poofy set all the videos private and they haven't been reuploaded anywhere.

Little Errorsteins

In this series, Poofy points out animation errors in Little Einsteins episodes. There is usually background music and text on screen explaining the error. The first episode was uploaded on July 4, 2019.[11] Three episodes were released. On November 21, 2019, all of the episodes were made private.

Cat O' My

Cat O' My was a former series that Poofy created in late 2015. The duo Milo Catson and Issac Mewa go on adventures. Though the series isn't in production, multiple design changes occurred and Milo is the mascot of BEB Studios.


In August 2019, Poofy uploaded a video titled "MY PERSONAL EMAIL HAS BEEN LEAKED!" The original upload is now private[12] but there are still copies of the video on other websites.[13] In the video, he calls out another YouTuber, Jeremiah Tube Gamer, for leaking his personal email address. Poofy speculated that Jeremiah may have done it because he wanted a voice role in the Little Einsteins Reboot, but was rejected. Soon after, Jeremiah made a response video, in which he called Poofy a liar and showed their alleged private messages.

The situation escalated even further when a "Jeremiah Tube Gamer" began to make posts on Kiwi Farms, antagonizing the users and praising Poofy. It is unknown if the account was actually made by Jeremiah or not. Site users believed that Poofy was using the account in an attempt to frame Jeremiah, which led to Poofy's full name and real-life photos being released. The information was discovered because he accidentally listed himself under his real name on the IMDB page for the Little Einsteins Reboot. Not long afterward, Jeremiah was terminated from YouTube, but he has since made a new channel named JTG Studios.[14]


On November 20, 2019, Poofy made a community post, announcing that he would be privating almost all of his videos because he was worried about COPPA. Originally, only a dozen videos remained publicly available on the channel, meaning that many videos were lost. The entire channel was placed under hiatus "until COPPA is dealt with." He also put the Little Einsteins Reboot on hiatus. He ended his post saying "I love you all with my heart and soul and hope I can see you guys in the near future."[15]

He made his plans more clear in a reply to the post, stating that the videos "can be accessed later in the year."[16] The next day, he uploaded a new trailer for 2020.[17] He has continued uploading videos to the channel. He also reuploaded the first episode of the Little Einsteins Reboot, ending the hiatus. On January 6, 2020, he released a community post complaining about some features being disabled on his videos due to COPPA.[18] He uploaded a video addressing the situation on the same day.[19]


  • Originally, his main channel was only for Little Einsteins and later Little Einsteins Reboot videos, but on October 5, 2019, he announced that Amphibia content would be added to the channels' main schedule.[20]
    • However, he has been struggling to make the Amphibia videos succeed on his channel, with most of them receiving less than 1000 views. He acknowledged this on November 11, 2019, when he made a community post asking his subscribers to watch the Amphibia videos, saying that his Amphibia videos "lack the views and need [to be] supported by you guys."[21]
  • His channel name used to be ItzSpuffy, but he changed it to Crunchphibia on November 2, 2019.‎​​​​[22] He renamed his channel to FloofyPoofy on May 25, 2020.[23]



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