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If you don't somebody will

―FlyingKitty's outro

FlyingKitty (born: November 11, 1998 (1998-11-11) [age 21]) is an Estonian YouTuber, more specifically a "YouTube Pooper" whose YouTube Poops are mainly based around the Grand Theft Auto series. He is also best known for his music video YTPs that ends with "2" (e.g. Despacito 2). He also has a second YouTube channel called FlyingKitty2.


Not much is known about the background of FlyingKitty. The only facts that have been verified are that he is from Estonia, and was born on November 11, 1998.


FlyingKitty (using this particular channel) began making parody videos in 2011 with Naruto and Jackass parodies. He had made his first YTP (YouTube Poop) on June 19, 2011, parodying the former. Since then, he has consistently uploaded YTPs on music videos, video games, and YouTube content. He began making YTPs on GTA starting with "GTA 5 [YTP]" which became his trademark type of content until late 2018.

Despacito 2 and Subsequent Growth

FlyingKitty was struggling to rise in terms of subscriber count. In 2016, after five years of making content, he only managed to hit 5,000 subscribers. This is when he started uploading GTA: San Andreas YTPs which managed to score him around 300,000 subscribers by the beginning of 2018.

On July 1, 2018, he uploaded "Despacito 2" based on the song "Despacito", with references to the "Markiplier Farquad E" meme triggered by the "Despacito 2 confirmed" meme. It quickly became the most popular video on his channel and the most-watched video made by an Estonian YouTuber. It was also one of the main drivers to help him gain one million subscribers in October 2018. The success of Despacito 2 spawned a series of music video YTPs that ends with "2", the latest being "Old Town Road 2 (ft. Literally Every Artist Ever)".

On December 27, 2018, he joined hands with Grandayy, Dolan Dark and Party In Backyard to create PewDiePie's response video to YouTube Rewind 2018 named "YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good". It was the most-liked non-music video on YouTube until MrBeast's "Make This Video The Most Liked Video On YouTube" overtook the number one spot on May 2019.

Edit programs that he uses

FlyingKitty edits his videos with "Sony Vegas Pro 12". He uses "Adobe Photoshop CC 2019" to make his thumbnails.

Video List

FlyingKitty has created 210 YTP videos, with most of them arranged in series.


GTA SA is a series of YTPs that parodies GTA San Andreas. It produced the most attention aside from the Despacito 2 parody video. It is the only active GTA parody series that began on July 16, 2013.

Main series YTPs

  1. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas [YTP]
  2. SuS Yo?
  3. SuSh Cock - Gta sa [YTP]
  4. OG' Loc' [YTP]
  5. GTA SA [YTP] Vol. 1
  6. GTA SA [YTP] Vol. 2
  7. GTA SA [YTP] Vol. 3 (deleted)
  8. Smoke is love, Smoke is life
  9. GTA SA [YTP] Vol. 4
  11. GTA SA [YTP] Vol. 5
  12. If OG Loc Could Rap
  13. GTA SA [YTP] Vol. 6
  14. The entire GTA SA story but CJ has schizophrenia (with KeV3n)
  15. GTA SA VOL 7 [YTP]

Nine's The Limit

FlyingKitty remixes Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris' speech lines from GTA San Andreas to create parodies of various meme songs.

  1. Big Smoke's Order [Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg – Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang (Background music)]
  2. What Is Cheese? (Haddaway – What is Love)
  3. we are number nine but all you had to do was follow the damn train cj (Máni Svavarsson and Stefán Karl Stefánsson – We Are Number One)
  5. Just Another Order (Original)
  6. I'm In Love With The Damn Train (O.T. Genasis – CoCo)
  7. Never Gonna Follow That Train (Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up)
  8. Boulevard of Smoke n Cheese (Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams)
  9. It's Everyday BrOOOHHH (Jake Paul – It's Everyday Bro)
  10. The Ting Go OOOHHH [Michael Dapaah (as Big Shaq) – Man's Not Hot]
  11. Chicken Gang (Lil Pump – Gucci Gang)
  12. Hey Now, You're A CJ (Smashmouth – All Star)
  13. Precious Cheese (Bazzi – Mine)
  14. Take OOOHHH Meme (a-ha – Take On Me)


This is a series of YTPs that is based on Grand Theft Auto IV, along with its two expansion packs The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. It ran from November 24, 2015, to February 5, 2018.

  1. GTA IV [YTP]
  2. GTA IV vol 2 [YTP]
  3. GTA IV vol 3 [YTP]
  4. The Ballad of Gay Tony [YTP]
  5. GTA IV vol 4 [YTP]
  6. The Lost and Damned [YTP]
  7. GTA IV vol 5 [YTP]
  8. Let's Go Bowling
  9. Niko Becomes A Cabbage Farmer
  10. Bowling is a Dirty Business


This is a series of YTPs based on Grand Theft Auto V and the first among the GTA games to be parodied by FlyingKitty. It ran from May 19, 2013, to February 22, 2017.

  1. Gta 5 [YTP]
  2. GTA V vol 2 [YTP]
  3. GTA V vol 3 [YTP]
  4. GTA V vol 4 [YTP]
  5. GTA V vol 5 [YTP]
  6. GTA V vol 6 [YTP]
  7. GTA V vol 7 [YTP]
  8. GTA V vol 8 [YTP]
  9. Is Franklin a good kid?
  10. GTA V vol 9 [YTP]
  11. GTA V vol 10 [YTP]
  12. GTA V vol 11 [YTP]
  13. GTA V vol 12 [YTP]
  14. GTA V vol 13 [YTP]
  15. GTA V vol 14 [YTP]

Other Gaming Parodies

Other Rockstar Parodies

  1. Bully [YTP]
  2. BULLY [YTP] (second generation)
  3. BULLY VOL 2 [YTP]
  4. GTA Vice City [YTP]
  5. GTA Vice City Stories [YTP]
  6. Vice City [YTP] (second generation)

Music Video Sequel YTPs

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  1. Despacito 2
  2. This is America 2
  3. Sucko Mode 2
  4. Old Town Road 2
  5. Bitch Lasagna 2
  6. Congratulations 2

Mental Breakdown YTPs

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  1. Phil Swift has a mental breakdown

List of YouTubers with FlyingKitty YTPs

  1. Asdfmovie
  2. Epic Meal Time
  3. Smosh
  4. PewDiePie (three times)
  5. Ray
  6. Rob's Rants
  7. KSI
  8. TakeShotAction
  9. askhodgetwins (as hodgetwins)
  10. IDubbbzTV
  11. TVFilthyFrank
  12. Philip DeFranco

Subscriber Milestones

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