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Fonzi Miller, better known online as Fonzi M, is an Indonesian YouTuber who makes anime arrangements of Opening, Ending and BGM/OST Themes on piano. He is good friends with fellow YouTubers, Eddie van der MeerJuliano Croese, MyReminiscence and Narutimate77.


Fonzi has been grinding and consistently uploading each anime season posting Synthesia videos for current anime themes, but it wasn't until he started recording on an upright piano and filming himself playing arrangements he made that he started to take off within the anime piano community. Dragon Ball Super, Violet Evergarden, Darling in the FranXX and his Tokyo Ghoul:re Opening Theme piano covers play a huge role in his considerable growth in 2018, within anime piano community standards. He is now one of the frontrunner anime pianists within the smaller community.

As of May 2018, he has said to have played piano for 12 years but has said that he only got serious and has said to have improved exponentially when starting to do anime piano covers regularly in June of 2015.

Personal Life

Fonzi is currently studying at university for a Software Engineering degree in Australia. He experienced some serious health issues in April of 2018 and went on a brief hiatus but has since recovered and went back to doing piano covers once again. He has not stated what kind of issues they were however. Not much else is known about his age, or other personal facts.

Other Instruments

Fonzi is also known to play fingerstyle guitar as inspired to start by his good friend Eddie van der Meer, as he said was influenced by Eddie's Sword Art Online II OP 1 cover called "Ignite". He has since said he has practiced very few times a year slowly improving, as shown through the progress of his skills as he uploads one fingerstyle cover every year. Fonzi can also sing well, but doesn't seem too confident in keeping the covers he recorded up on his YouTube channel for every long, but the ones that are still up showcases his singing talent more than enough.

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