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Foolish Gamers plays video games
Foolish Gamers is a Reactor
Foolish Gamers is from the United States
Foolish Gamers is male
Foolish Gamers created their account in 2016
Foolish Gamers is a Content Creator on YouTube

Dream SMP
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Noah Brown (born: December 18, 1998 (1998-12-18) [age 23]), better known online as Foolish Gamers (or simply Foolish, also known as FoolishG), is an American Minecraft speedrunner, YouTuber and Twitch Streamer who is known for being a member of the Dream SMP.

Personal life

Noah Brown was born in Ohio, United States. He has a cousin named Luke Brown and plays on his account on the Dream SMP sometimes. He is currently studying computer science & engineering.[1] He also has 4 siblings and two younger sisters who usually comes on stream.

He owns two dogs named Athena & Bentley.[2][3]


Foolish is a well known speedrunner on the community before the Dream SMP started.

On November 28, 2020, Dream unexpectedly joined his Discord server and got in touch with him. This later led to him being sent a Christmas package on December 13, containing custom merch that he would frequently wear on speedrunning streams for 'good luck'.

On January 16, 2021, he was invited to the Dream SMP in the middle of a casual speedrun stream saying at the time that he was loading up a new seed for another run.

On April Fools 2021, him and CaptainPuffy made a joke that both of them got invited to Hermitcraft.[4]

MC Championship

MC Championship is a Minecraft Tournament for YouTubers and streamers run by the Noxcrew, in which 10 teams of four compete in a series of 8 minigames decided by the participants. A point multiplier makes each game worth more as each round passes, incentivizing teams to vote for games they might be bad at early on in the event. In the end, the two teams with the most points face off in a round of ‘Dodgebolt’ to decide the winner of the tournament. This makes it possible for a team to win despite potentially having fewer points than the runner-up.

Foolish debuted in MCC22 alongside TinaKitten.


  • Foolish would frequently use the "cod bucket nether portal" strategy when speedrunning, leading to him being accused of animal cruelty.
  • The name Foolish Gamers comes from a business idea his father had for a gaming website, "Foolish Productions".
  • Foolish's skin was originally just a totem, but bits of shark were added after some of his audience pointed out his logo was a shark.
  • Foolish is often communicating to his fans and is very humble.
  • Foolish does a joke where he gets other Dream SMP members to say "SUBSCRIBE TO FOOLISH WITH TWITCH PRIME", and clips these moments to use in streams.
  • Foolish's favorite animal is sharks.
  • Foolish likes Greek folklore.
  • Foolish is 6'1" tall (185 centimeters).
  • Foolish's favorite ice-cream flavor is chocolate.
  • He begins his streams with his iconic "Shift Dance" where his Minecraft character dances to Doctor Mario music.