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DFTBA; don't forget to be awesome.

―Ryder's catchphrase

Ryder Burgin (born: December 1, 1995 (1995-12-01) [age 24]), simply known by his channel name Footofaferret, is an American YouTuber who primarily uploads videos about a brief history of the YouTubers he is interested in.


On his main channel (FootofaFerret), he primarily uploads a brief history of the YouTubers he likes and some content in general in a certain amount of minutes. He has at least 70 videos of this series. On his second channel (FootofaFerret2), he experiments with uploading gameplay and vlogs, according to his about section.


  • He once helped Rebecca Parham on her 1 million subscriber milestone special. In that milestone, she has sung a song from the 30's that inspired her name "Let Me Explain Studios". FootofaFerret helped her with the instrumentals and the mixing for the song. On that same day, he uploaded a brief history of her in 9 minutes.
  • Occasionally, he works on some game theories with The Game Theorists.
  • He is known friends with Rebecca Parham, TheOdd1sOut, Jaiden Animations, Domics, Tabbes, SomeThingElseYT, and TimTom.
  • He has diabetes.[1]
  • Together with his Brother (Colt) on the drums and his Mom (Dru) the bass guitar, he formed a family band sprecialised in family friendly rock called the Burgin Brothers. Ryder was the lead singer and the Guitarist of the band. His dad (Alan) acted as the general manager. The band seemed to have stopped around 2012.


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