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ForcePlayZ is a Serbian animation YouTuber who uploads his silly and funny animation videos on YouTube.


Most videos are individual without containing any sequels, but he has several series like "Raiding Area 51" and "French Brother". His videos contain characters: ForceMotherFatherBrother, and their dog Rex. Rex has not been shown, but during the beginning of the videos, when their fictional house is shown, only Rex's shed is shown, which has its name on a wooden plate at the top.

The video making styles have been changed several times. At first, the Mother used to be fatter with curly and more wild-like hair, which has been changed to a thinner and the one with blonde hair. His father is rarely shown. His brother is a recent one, who is from France and can speak only French. This forces them to use Google Translate as their only method of conversation. Also, the brother is adopted.

Force loves playing games, but on the contrary, his mother hates seeing him playing games. While Force sees the games with their normal names (like GTA 5, Need For Speed, and Steam), his mother sees Steam as the source of Violence. This has been proved in many of his videos. His brother is a gamer, too, but not as professional as Force.

On May 22, 2020, Force announced he would be moving on from ForcePlayZ after a 7 month hiatus.

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