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It's like a dream come true!

―Forrest Whaley

Forrest Shane Whaley, better known online as forrestfire101, is an American Lego animator and stop-motion designer on YouTube. He is most famous for his Lego Batman films, but has made many other LEGO videos.


Forrest Whaley is a 22-year-old living in Los Angeles. Although he has always been interested in art, he started making videos about six years ago and since then they've become immensely popular on YouTube, leading to an interview with Nick News in the Spring of 2009 and the publication of his illustrations in the book The Duck Song, which was released in the Fall of 2010.

Short Film

In fall of 2011, he released the popular short film Zombie Universe and the sequel the following fall. Zombie Universe 2, the sequel, is known for its amazing effects and how the movie deserved to be a official motion picture for its amazing creation from ForrestFire101.


Forrest attended Webster University and intends to finish his degree in film. His long term dream is to make a living working on feature films alongside other talented individuals. When he is not writing, directing, or in general, working on his films, Forrest enjoys hanging with his dog Buster and spending time with friends and family.

In 2012, Forrest moved to Los Angeles.

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