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Fortnite Funny [Age 19] is a Canadian YouTuber that promotes reactions by Fortnite streamers on the latest update inside Fortnite: Battle Royale. He is currently the second most subscribed channel that shares Fortnite clips.



Fortnite Funny has been heavily criticized for scamming their fans, such as setting a timer for a free product, creating fake sponsors, and raising the original price. Though you are allowed you say a product is free and ship it overpriced, but is not allowed to post a timer and how much is left in stock to put pressure into the people seeing the advertisement. Fortnite news channel The Fortnite Guy made a video on Fortnite Funny's sponsorship and gave his perspective on how he attempted to get this certain product for free when in reality, it is overpriced.[1]

Since June 2019, Fortnite Funny had stopped promoting fake free products and fake sponsorships.

Stealing Content

YouTuber Optimus had talked about how Fortnite Clip Channels (including Fortnite Funny) make a profit out of stealing clips without permission. Fortnite Funny and other channels similar would stretch out their videos to 10 minutes by adding in random Fortnite Clips by the community so they can gain extra money via mid-roll ads.[2]


Fortnite Funny in his current videos attempts to make viewers thumbs up the video and subscribe to their YouTube channel to prevent getting bitten by an insect, Hamlinz and Myth stalking the viewers, etc.


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