Fox Bronte is an Artist
Fox Bronte is from England
Fox Bronte is male
Fox Bronte created their account in 2011
Fox Bronte is a Content Creator on YouTube

Fox Bronte (born: December 19, 1987 (1987-12-19) [age 33]) also known as MonaLisaNaked and The Mad Artist of YouTube, is an English YouTube artist who makes art videos online.


Fox Bronte is a character created by British Artist Ian Dennis, satirising the stereotypical Mad Artist.

Mixing humour with eclectic ways to make art, comedic rants and controversy, he has amassed a large following to his YouTube channel

In 2012, he was suspended permanently for a variety of work including using nudity, bodily fluids and painting a portrait of celebrity make-up guru Michelle Phan, using his vomit, as a protest over animal cruelty.

He was then suspended for a rant on YouTube's censoring, entitled: "YouTube are such F*cks!" disabling his ability to upload after a drawing of Colonel Gadaffi using his semen.

However, his channel was reactivated with his videos mostly age restricted to users. 

He had lots of videos previously, however almost all were privated, leaving 2 public.

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