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Fraser Johnson (born: September 24, 1997 (1997-09-24) [age 24]), also known as FraserIRL (formerly iVexusHD), is an English variety gaming YouTuber. He lives in Bath, England, UK. Fraser is a co-host of "Help! I'm Stuck in a Podcast", a podcast hosted by both Fraser and Kai Ross-Best on Spotify.

Fraser is usually a bubbly and excitable person who is overly obsessed with curry and burritos, he always enjoys banterous Friday nights. He streams on his Twitch channel every single Friday, with the occasional extra stream or two during the week. His popular "Big Friday Live Stream" is watched by regulars in his close community.

Fraser lives with his cuddly black German Shepherd dog "Beta". She is the cuddliest dog in the world who was originally destined to become a police dog. Unfortunately, she didn't quite make the cut and was dropped from police dog training. Fraser and his family couldn't resist seeing her go away after a few months of living with the family, so instead took her in and she has been part of the family ever since.

Introduction to YouTube

Fraser’s initial introduction to content creation was back in 2009 when he started his first YouTube channel. To this day this channel remains a mystery, however he has mentioned when his current YouTube channel reaches 10,000 subscribers, he will reveal the name of the old channel along with its videos. Since then, his desire to entertain online has only grown, branching out into live content broadcasting, podcasting, as well as regular community events in the official FraserIRL Discord server, a fun place in which his fans form friendships!

YouTube Accomplishments

Although Fraser has primarily been a YouTube gamer for most of his time on YouTube, some of his most popular videos unexpectedly gained more views than others. Fraser's current most popular video on the game "Papers, Please" exploded in popularity after jacksepticeye uploaded his Papers, Please playthrough. His second most popular video is an edit of a Peppa Pig episode that was created after Fraser saw someone else create a similar video memeing Peppa Pig. His current third most popular video is a 10 hour long video of video game character "McPixel" dryhumping a PlayStation 3 to Benny Hill music. This, infact, was one of the first videos he uploaded to his channel.

As well as this, on the week leading up to him moving house, Fraser gained approximately 1,000 subscribers in a single week after streaming on a daily basis throughout the week.


  • In one of Fraser's livestreams he asked his audience to change their skin to his. This resulted in around 20 people with his skin. Some people took it a step further changing their username to be similar to his. Some examples are Frasyr, FrASMR, Ffraser, Frasar and many more.

Guest Event Appearances

Fraser has been known for attending various events and making guest appearances in other popular YouTubers' work.


In July 2015, Fraser presented at Minecon 2015, hosting a panel titled "The Family Guide to Minecraft on YouTube". This panel detailed to parents the educational side of YouTube, explaining who popular YouTubers are, what they do, and why they're great, whilst referring to his own works co-producing an educational YouTube series - "Jag's Crazy Adventures".


In December 2015, Fraser invited to Insomnia 56 by Multiplay as press. He went with his friends, and produced a vlog as coverage of the event.

In August 2016, Fraser was invited to Insomnia 58 by Multiplay as press. At this event, he claimed he "wanted to experiment with his editing", filming and producing content in a different style to what he usually did. This is shown in his Insomnia 58 montage.


In March 2016, Fraser presented at Nethermined 2016, hosting a panel with Team³. This panel detailed who they were, their road on YouTube, and highlighting various tips and tricks other aspiring YouTubers could take home and use in their own personal works. At this event, he met many fans and signed merchandise they had purchased. Fraser also made a vlog of the weekend. He was also invited to Insomnia 57 by Multiplay as press, attending once again with his friends and producing a highlights montage and a vlog as coverage of the event.

In 2017, Fraser presented again at Nethermined, running the second stage where all of the attendee games and interactive YouTuber shows were being held. At Nethermined in 2018, Fraser hosted as the main stage presenter of the event.

Other Events

In April 2016, Fraser was invited to The Gadget Show Live alongside Kai Ross-Best as press. He interviewed various tech companies whilst he was there and published these interviews on his website. He produced a vlog of the event. As well as this, Fraser was invited to OverWorld, the UK's first unofficial travelling Minecraft event, as a special guest, meeting various attendees and fans of his whilst vlogging the show itself.


  • For Red Nose Day 2017, Fraser dedicated his Friday Live Stream to the charitable event. He spent 3 hours streaming Minecraft whilst raising money via donations. He raised £165!
  • Fraser has worked with StacyPlays to help run the UHShe Season 5 server.
  • In one of his live streams, Fraser had over 120 people watching at one time.
  • Fraser has also appeared in an interview with Sky News about A-level results day after previously sharing his results in a YouTube video.

Past Works

Fraser was a member and co-founder of the popular YouTube recording group Team³ alongside Kai Ross-Best.