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Freememeskids is a community meme channel where the user shares numerous memes and Fortnite memes on YouTubeTwitter and Instagram. Freememeskids has more of a following on Twitter, who posts one meme per tweet. However, his account had since been suspended. On YouTube, Freememeskids makes 10-minute meme compilations that contain memes he tweeted about or had not shared yet.


Around December 2017, FreeMemesKids' YouTube channel was suspended for "violating YouTube's Community Guidelines". This was also when FreeMemesKids recently started posting YouTube videos. The channel had five meme compilations which were all re-uploaded on his new channel under the same name. Currently, the FreeMemesKids channel up right now is still going.

Twitter Suspension

On June 13, 2018, FreeMemesKids' Twitter was suspended. He was not the only one to get suspended. Another well-known community meme account 'Memetiddies' was suspended as well. People were thinking it is due to memes being banned and their accounts were suspended for creating memes. Two weeks later, FreeMemesKids and numerous other meme channels were restored. However, on January 19, 2019, FreeMemesKids' Twitter has suspended again for having multiple suspended Twitter accounts. The Twitter account was restored 2 months later and has an Instagram account (FreeMemesKidsYT)

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