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Dustin (born: October 28, 2000 (2000-10-28) [age 19]), better known online as Freshy Kanal, is a German YouTuber and music producer who primarily makes tributes to Epic Rap Battles of History but also makes original songs, podcasts, remixes, cooking videos, and does a show with DNA Fox called ERB News.

His most notable battle, "Monika vs. Harley Quinn", has stacked up almost 800,000 views, featuring notable VAs such as Peachumari as Monika, Bblackroses as Harley Quinn.

He often works with notorious rap battle VAs, such as stated above Peachumari, J Morris, GarbageGothic, Azia, Titanium, and numerous others.

For his most recent videos, he often has artwork/animation drawn by CyanCoat.

Some say he secretly collaborated with Chairman Xi Jinping to bring an end to resistance Tibet, using a complex network of agents.


This is a list of all of his UPLOADED battles to date in upload order.

2017 Battles

Freddy Fazbear vs. Mr

Freddy Fazbear vs. Mr. Bear - Rap Battle

Bob the Builder vs

Bob the Builder vs. Thomas the Tank Engine - VERY VERY SERIOUS RAP BATTLE-3

2018 Battles

Angry Birds vs

Angry Birds vs. Best Fiends - Rap Battle

Scribblenauts vs

Scribblenauts vs. Little Big Planet - Rap Battle!

Big Shaq vs

Big Shaq vs. Infinite Source - Rap Battle!

Mr. Incredible vs. Mr

Mr. Incredible vs. Mr. Fantastic - Bonus Battle!

Po (Kung Fu Panda) vs

Po (Kung Fu Panda) vs. Aang (Avatar) - Bonus Battle!

Lucio vs

Lucio vs. Parappa the Rapper - Bonus Battle!

Paranorman vs

Paranorman vs. Coco - Bonus Battle!

Aladdin vs Timmy Turner - Bonus Battle!

Aladdin vs Timmy Turner - Bonus Battle!

Beat Producer Royale Rap Battle-0

Beat Producer Royale Rap Battle-0

KSI vs

KSI vs. Logan Paul - Rap Battle!

Carrie White vs

Carrie White vs. Tetsuo Shima - Rap Battle!

Sandman vs

Sandman vs. Tooth Fairy - Rap Battle!

Billy the Puppet vs

Billy the Puppet vs. Billy the Dummy - Bonus Battle! (Halloween Special)

Frisk vs

Frisk vs. Chihiro - Rap Battle!

Ridley vs. King K

Ridley vs. King K. Rool - Bonus Battle! (Super Smash Bros Ultimate Special)

Spider-Man vs

Spider-Man vs. Tarzan - Rap Battle!

Eddie Brock (Venom) vs. Henry Jekyll (Mr

Eddie Brock (Venom) vs. Henry Jekyll (Mr. Hyde) - Bonus Battle! (24 Hour Challenge)

2019 Battles

Kick-Ass vs

Kick-Ass vs. Izuku Midoriya - Rap Battle!

Forrest Gump vs

Forrest Gump vs. The Waterboy - Rap Battle!

Captain Marvel vs

Captain Marvel vs. Shazam - Bonus Battle!

Mr. Bear vs

Mr. Bear vs. Sackboy - Rap Battle!

Moana vs

Moana vs. Percy Jackson - Bonus Battle!

Chucky vs

Chucky vs. Woody - Bonus Battle!

Ghostface vs

Ghostface vs. Samara Morgan - Rap Battle!

Zelda Goldman (Pet Sematary) vs

Zelda Goldman (Pet Sematary) vs. Charlie Graham (Hereditary) - Bonus Battle!

Pennywise vs

Pennywise vs. Freddy Krueger - Rap Battle!

The Joker vs

The Joker vs. Alex DeLarge - Bonus Battle!

Simon Belmont vs

Simon Belmont vs. Rick Grimes - Bonus Battle!

Alexander Hamilton vs

Alexander Hamilton vs. Luke Skywalker - Rap Battle!

2020 Battles

Paul Blart vs

Paul Blart vs. Robocop - Bonus Battle!

Monika vs

Monika vs. Harley Quinn - Rap Battle!

NF vs
Hot Ones vs

Hot Ones vs. Binging with Babish - Rap Battle!

Naruto vs

Naruto vs. Hercules - Rap Battle!

Mr. Bean vs

Mr. Bean vs. Charlie Chaplin - Rap Battle!

Coraline vs

Coraline vs. Alice in Wonderland - Rap Battle!-1

Pyrocynical vs

Pyrocynical vs. Memeulous - Rap Battle!


  • He has a deep, intense love for orchestra, especially violins.
  • Although unconfirmed, he has hinted at the possibility of him doing a rap battle between Ochaco Uraraka (My Hero Academia) and Junior Asparagus (VeggieTales) sometime in the near future.
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