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Frost Diamond has more than One Million Subscribers
Frost Diamond has more than Five Million Subscribers
Frost Diamond has more than Ten Million Subscribers
Frost Diamond has more than Twenty Million Subscribers
Frost Diamond has more than One Billion Views
Frost Diamond plays video games
Frost Diamond is a Vlogger
Frost Diamond is from Indonesia
Frost Diamond is male
Frost Diamond created their account in 2014
Frost Diamond is a Content Creator on YouTube

Kananda Widyantara (born: June 23, 1997 (1997-06-23) [age 25]), better known online as Frost Diamond (also known as BrustFace), is an Indonesian YouTuber originally known for his Minecraft videos. He upload variety of content such as gaming, vlogs, and sometimes pranks, but more focused on gaming.

Personal Life

Kananda Widyantara was born on June 23, 1997 in Bantul, Yogyakarta. Kananda is the first of three children who are often referred to as Bapak Gile and Bocil. He was born to a simple family, when he was 2 years old, he then moved to Denpasar, Bali. Before there were gadgets, he often played marbles and tops. Then he tried to play his first game, Tetris, and Bounce on a Nokia cellphone. As a child, he also had many dreams, such as wanting to become a pilot, doctor, police, and skipper. He is also known to have a hobby of trying electronic goods. When he was 7 years old, his father bought a PC, he often borrowed it when his father was resting and used it to play games and draw. When there was internet service and he was 10 years old, he then created his first social media account on Facebook and tried to create his own website in the form of a blogspot which was currently popular.

Spending his childhood in Bali made him go from elementary to high school in public schools. Until finally he continued studying at a private university there, but he decided to quit college because he wanted to become a YouTuber. When he was in junior high school, Kananda was known to really like watching movies and videos. This then triggered him to make his own videos, until finally he made videos on social media networks Facebook and Instagram during high school. Then in 2014 he also created a YouTube channel which he uses only to comment on videos he watches.


In 2017 when YouTube was being loved, he uploaded the first video on his YouTube channel which he named BrustFace. He, who really likes learning new things, makes him try out Minecraft and tries to upload it on his YouTube channel. Unexpectedly, his video received a good response. This is where he decided to continue playing Minecraft until now. Kananda took 3 months to get 1K subscribers. Thanks to his persistence to continue presenting interesting content, the next 3 months he then managed to reach 100,000 subscribers. However, he has not been able to get results from YouTube because of a slight technical problem. This also did not make him give up and remain optimistic about making videos. Until finally he decided to create a new YouTube channel which he named Frost Diamond.

The concept of the name "Frost" itself is taken from the film Home Alone, he who also likes snow accidentally found the word frost in the film. Meanwhile, the name "Diamond" itself is taken from the Minecraft game, where diamonds are one of the most popular and sought-after items for Minecarft players. From this channel Kananda is increasingly recognized by many people. His speaking style is very energetic and seems like there is no pause making it his own charm. Even in the first month he made a video on his channel he was able to get 100,000 subscribers in just 1 and a half months and managed to earn his first 2 million rupiah. Of course this makes him even more excited to create cooler content. Kananda has many other YouTubers like DanTDM, PewDiePie, and Logan Paul. He is known to have 4 YouTube channels that are still active, namely Frost Diamond, Kananda Widyantara, Bapak Gile, and Bocil Official.

Because of this hard work, Kananda got the opportunity to appear on the YouTube FanFest 2018, he also got the Silver Play Button and Gold Play Button in the near future. He got his first Gold Play Button in 2018, then in early 2019 he got another Gold Play Button on his third channel, Kananda Widyantara. Thanks to his success as a YouTuber, he was able to buy a Jazz car and an Alphard car and build a luxury home from his own work. Due to the large amount of support from his loyal fans whom he named Frost Team, his channel now has more than 16 million subscribers with more than 1K videos uploaded.[1]


Frost Diamond has had some controversy over the last several years and recently there has been a new controversy. He used thumbnails several times with the exact concept of the original thumbnails.


In 2018, the Frost Diamond channel was suspended by YouTube because he was caught taking a thumbnail from another channel, namely TheAtlanticCraft. Frost Diamond takes his thumbnail and edits it by changing his head and entering text. In one of his videos he admits he did take his thumbnail.[2]


In 2021, Frost Diamond was criticized for the plagiarism of Windah Basudara's content. He plagiarized Windah Basudara's content, which contained him giving IDR 1 million to a child for Free Fire top-up, the video had around 5 million views. About 1 month later, Frost Diamond made a video with the exact same concept, even the thumbnails were similar. In the thumbnail of the video, there is a child with the same position as the child in Windah Basudara's thumbnail, even the thumbnail layout is the same.

At that time, Frost Diamond's video is trending 1 for gaming. Many people teased Frost Diamond because of that. Many commented such as "Gak Maling Gak Trending" (English: No Stealing No Trending), or comments that seemed to appreciate Frost Diamond which was actually shown for Windah Basudara. After a few days, Frost Diamond hides likes dislike, he also turns off comments, then he changes the video thumbnail.

After uploading the video, Frost Diamond uploads a video that both follows the thumbnail and its contents. He plagiarized ElestialHD's where ElestialHD hired a builder from Fiverr. In the video the builder arrived a few minutes late. In Frost Diamond's video, everything in his ElestialHD video is also in his video. Because of this, several things happened. Like many YouTubers who teased Frost Diamond, directly or indirectly. YouTuber Chum Kevin also composed songs to insinuate Frost Diamond. There are also several new hashtags that are widely used such as "#GakMalingGakTrending", "#MrKebetulan", and many more related to it.