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Ivan Rangelov, better known online as FrozEe (or FrozeN), is a Bulgarian YouTuber who makes Gameplay/Commentary videos.


He originally started his carrer on May 6, 2012, first on Bulgarian video sharing site called Vbox7 and then in 2013 after the vast majority of Bulgarian gamers which also started their carrers on that site took the leap from Vbox7 to YouTube he decided that its time for him to also move to a bigger site.

On January 17, 2014, FrozEe with his friend Earo made a common channel called OpticBulgaria on which their carrers "blew up" with the gameplay series called Minecraft Survival in a Jar these series gained over 130,000+ views.On September 19, 2014, they decided to moved to another common channel called XPlayBulgaria on which they agian became famous for the Minecraft series called Minecraft quadruple survival these series gained 75,000+ views. On February 1st 2015 they decided on split up and try to take their carrers on another level by trying to continue what they do but on separate channels.Earo continued with the gameplay comentary videos but FrozEe decided to try something new by becoming Graphic Designer on February 24, 2015, he created his new channel by the name of FrozeNDZN on which he made banners for other YouTubers and COD Clans. On June 13, 2016, he decided to quit GFX and YouTube because of depression. On November 3, 2016, he decided to come back to gameplay comentary and on his first common channel OpticBulgaria with the new name FrozEe and on December 25, 2016, he made his first gameplay video after his comeback now he uploads every Monday , Wednesday and Friday his favorite YouTuber and role model is Matthew Santoro he hopes one day he could become like him.

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