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Deep-Sea Prisoner (海底囚人, Katei Shuujin), commonly shortened to DSP, is a Japanese indie artist and game developer formerly known as Mogeko. She is well-known for creating games such as The Gray Garden and Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She's a talented person working to create various games, comics, and other stories through various forms of media.

Deep-Sea Prisoner has an official website, a Twitter, an Instagram, and a YouTube account. She can also be found on a multitude of other websites these days, with various new projects she is working on: Linktree. She used to have a Tumblr blog, but has since deleted it due to certain circumstances.

Deep-Sea Prisoner has stated that she no longer wishes to be called "Mogeko," as the name has developed a negative connotation and is associated with her fictional characters, "Mogeko," who are depicted as rapists.

Furthermore, even though her official alias is Deep-Sea Prisoner, she has stated that she likes being called "Funa," but thinks "Funamu" is even cuter.


  • When asked about her favorite animal on Twitter, DSP responded by saying that her favorite animal is a dog. She also likes killer whales a lot, along with chinchillas and chickens.
  • One of Deep-Sea Prisoner's favorite books is Paradise Lost by John Milton.
  • When asked about her favorite music, DSP said she loves the music by the Japanese alternative rock group Bump of Chicken.
  • DSP has also mentioned that she likes Vocaloid.
  • In her first-ever live stream, DSP mentioned she would often draw for 12 hours a day soon after she graduated high school.
  • DSP has also stated on her live stream the various foods that she enjoys, which include sushi, ramen, miso, tonkotsu, and taiyaki with red bean paste. She also enjoys persimmon seeds and takoyaki.
  • Her favorite drink is coffee. She also likes bubble tea.
  • On the topic of food, she stated she likes cooking.
  • Her favorite Sanrio character is Pompompurin.
  • Her favorite color appears to be red, with purple coming in second.
  • Some favorite games that are perfect "time thieves" for her include 7 Days to Die and Stardew Valley.
  • When asked what her favorite anime was, DSP said she enjoys Evangelion and PriPara.
  • Vietnam and Bali are two places she has visited.
    • As for places she would like to visit, she said she would like to go to Thailand and Taiwan.
  • DSP has recently gotten into VTubers, particularly one by the name of Yamikumo Kerin, whom she has also drawn fanart of.
  • Her favorite flowers include roses, snapdragons, carnations, gerberas, and pansies; she finds flowers beautiful.
  • DSP did a voice reveal during her third Minecraft gaming livestream.
  • When it comes to her mascot character, Torisan, DSP specified during her third Minecraft live stream that he is simply another character, rather than a proxy for the artist herself. Because of this, when using her real voice, she is represented by a small pixel ghost and describes herself as a “mysterious evil spirit” who sometimes possesses Torisan
  • She is the illustrator of several VTubers, mainly

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