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Francesca Sheldon (born August 30, 1999 (1999-08-30) [age 20]), previously known on YouTube as FusRoFran Cosplay (formerly ItsFranDoe), is a Welsh gamer, vlogger, comedian and YouTuber who played video games and recorded her commentary and facial reactions through audio and webcam. She was most well known for her Skyrim playthroughs and games in real life skits.


Francesca first joined YouTube being known as ItsFran, but changed her username when she hit 100,000 subscribers. She began her channel playing popular horror games such as Outlast and Amnesia. Her channel progressed and she completed runs of games such as Skyrim and Fallout. Her channel grew specifically when she completed a Skyrim 0 Hit Run on October 13th 2014, and further when she teamed up with other popular YouTubers such as ItsIssie to make a Minecraft factions comedy series. ItsFranDoe became inactive in 2015 and since then the channel has been deleted. It is unknown if she will ever return.


Francesca holds 3 records as of 2015: The first 0 hit run of Skyrim including SQ's (October 13, 2014), Fallout New Vegas Kill Everything (DD/MM N/A 2013) and Skyrim Peaceful (August 2012 streamed).


  • "Do you ever feel like fucking punching kids in the face? I do. A lot." 
  • "I promise I'm classy when I'm away from this game, which is never"
  • "I don't know what I'm doing with my life"
  • "I will rip my septum ring out and use it as a cockring, I'm not inferring that I have a dick, but I do."
  • "I love my lif- SON OF A FUCK"
  • "This game is actually a lot less scary than I thought, I love how its more atmospheric and its not just spammed with jumpsca- AHHHHH MC-CHICKEN-FUCKNUGGET"


  • Originally a streamer, Francesca moved to YouTube after 2 years of streaming. In Q&A #17 she said she likes 'the freedom of editing out the tears and destruction, or not'.
  • ItsFranDoe is from Wales, UK.
  • It is unknown why she left YouTube.
  • She's often the subject of much controversy, particularly focusing around her gender, at an all time high in her FIFA videos.
  • Her most popular video was 'COD as a dude (voice changer)'.
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