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FusionAdapt is a American Roblox and Fortnite YouTuber. He is most famous for his Roblox and Fortnite gameplays; and his tutorials on how to get in-game currency fast, or how to obtain certain items from games. Fusion is also well known for his skills in editing for people like PeepGuy and TheOfficialFuzion and even appeared with FaZe Clan. He also recently broke records in the Esports community and even took a leadership role for TeamNBK. But, he is also infamous for his misleading content, video titles, and thumbnails. He is also Peepguy's video editor. It has been said that Fusion made over $140,000 as of the year 2017 between clickbait and his eSport Teams.

FusionAdapt is no longer in NBK and later joined TeamXDA as an owner.


FusionAdapt pursued a fulltime eSports carrier in mid 2017 alongside PeepGuy. Some say due to mental issues Fusion decided to quit playing fulltime and focus on personal life. He retired in late 2018 after his  Twitch stream "Why CSGO sucks". Fusion showed up on ESL, FaceIT and many other competitive sites. Later he decided to return to professional ApexLegends quitting months later due to of lack of interest.

Former Games - Player Unknown BattleGrounds, Counter Strike.
Affiliated Teams - Riot,NBK,G7/Galaxy7,Solar/S7, Bound, and XDA


  • Some of Peepguy's videos are actually FusionAdapt's, and Peepguy has been accused of video theft. Some theorise that Peepguy and FusionAdapt are the same person, too.
  • Some also believe that FusionAdapt and PeepGuy are no longer friends due to recent Nathorix drama that was proven to be false in one of Fusion's later videos.
  • Some say FusionAdapt and Peepguy is behind the mastermind clan "TeamXDA" which has "Ruled" and "prevailed" in the Discord community. Some also Believe that FusionAdapt’s Contract was paid off for $7,500 with TeamXDA (recently leaked by the Site manager “XDA JaKe”
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