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Giancarlo Parimango (born: December 30, 1994 (1994-12-30) [age 24]) is a Pokémon YouTuber known for making countdown videos for newly announced and upcoming Pokémon games. Gian started off making Pokémon hack videos, which managed to get him over 200,000 views on his first video alone, so he made 3 more, getting over 100,000 to 400,000 views. Gian also did videos like reviews, tips and commercials for Pokémon games.

On September 10th 2009 Gian uploaded his first walk-through video, on Pokémon Heart Gold, which he would then end on episode 108 of the walk-through as he finished the game. After completing Pokémon Heart Gold, Gian decided to make a walk-through of the opposite game, Pokémon Soul Silver, Gian picked Totidile instead of Cyndaquil, which he finished Soul Silver on episode 73, with a huge amount of waiting time since Pokémon Black and White came out.

Gian started his countdown series with Pokémon X and Y, where he would show Corocoro leaks and discuss with his fans what he thought of the scan and Gian also would talk about what ideas he would like in the game.

Gian has been under some controversy after posting a video titled "Pokemon Sun and Moon game-play |First look" which was a very misleading title, because there was infact no game-play within the video, this video went for 33 minutes. The video gained a total of 500,000 views and Gian doesn't want to change the title of it, making the video gain a huge number of dislikes (7k likes to 18k dislikes).

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