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GENIAL is a multi-member Cypriot YouTube channel that uploads informative content on various topics. It belongs to TheSoul Publishing company, which also has channels in many other languages. They were accused on more than one occasion of misinforming the public since the information provided in their videos has no sources.


Since it has had a presence on the Internet, the GENIAL channel has been subject to criticism, and has been involved in several controversies. One of its biggest criticisms is that clickbait and false stories are often used in its content, and that it is not true.

In the channel "ASÍ ES LA VIDA", it began to generate more controversy after it started on December 14, 2018. It has received several criticisms for considering its content as yellowish and false, as well as accusations by its stories of robberies of anecdotes and copyright. The channel was heavily criticized for having stolen stories and anecdotes taken from other channels without giving credits like the TikTak Draw channel. His channel privatized all the videos, pretending to be a hack; However, it was a lie created to gain subscribers like other channels like Badabun, Eddosaster and Undea2 with the theme of Clickbait. It ended on June 8, 2020 after being criticized by most people.

In "Ideas en 5 Minutos" he is more criticized by Clickbait like most of his channels, although he was one of the least affected of all.

There was also controversy since in several YouTube channels of the company TheSoul Publishing (owner of the Genial channel) they have been criticized for naming a series of events in the United States and China with erroneous data, having to demonetize some Spanish-speaking channels, English and Russian.


  • Some of the announcers are Venezuelan dubbing actors like Andrea Navas and Reinaldo Rojas.
  • The channel Asi Es La Vida is one of the most uploaded subscribers in Spain, but currently it no longer uploads videos
  • Their life hacks are very similar to 5-Minute Crafts' ones.
  • More than 200 people work in the many Spanish-speaking channels.

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