GLENLOVESANIME focuses on Anime
GLENLOVESANIME is from the United States
GLENLOVESANIME created their account in 2013
GLENLOVESANIME is a Content Creator on YouTube

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GLENLOVESANIME is an American YouTuber who makes anime reviews and anime discussion videos. He's part of the anime podcast Anifix along with his friends AnimeRuss, RCAnime, and The Canipa Effect. He had a previous channel called GLENLOVESSUBWAY, but for whatever reason decided to create his current channel, which is the only one that he uses today; GLENLOVESSUBWAY is still up, however. It's unknown if his original name meant the fast food chain "Subway" or the transportation system.

He is well known, by his fans (The GlenLovies), for his love for yuri and normally has a bias for anime of that genre.

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