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Galactic Hole (formerly Galactic Hooloovoo[1]), is an American YouTuber who makes mashups and remixes of songs. His most popular series is the "You reposted in everyone's neighborhood" series, where multiple different songs are mashed together with glue70 - Casin, which he gained popularity from. His channel got hacked on February 23, 2020.

Recurring Songs/Themes

  • Skrillex songs
  • Eminem songs
  • Soulja Boy - Crank That
  • Martin Garrix - Animals
  • Psy - Gangnam Style
  • Hail Mary Mallon - Whales
  • Toby Fox - Megalovania and other Undertale songs
  • Macintosh Plus and Ando - Lisa Frank 420
  • Death Grips - Takyon
  • glue70 - Casin
  • μ - Snow Halation (Love Live)
  • LazyTown - We Are Number One
  • Sunstroke Project - Run Away (Epic Sax Guy)
  • Flintstones Theme (Grand Dad Theme)
  • Joel/GilvaSunner memes


  • Galactic Hole does not like the fact that his channel only gained so many subscribers because of the You reposted in everyone's neighborhood series, and the majority of his viewers want more of it.

His channels profile picture after it got hacked


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